Алексей Воробьев женился на финалистке «Мисс Россия» The actor posted a picture on microblog. Alexey Vorobyov is preparing to release a new video for the song. The musician tries to assume the role of husband and father. The hero of the show “the Bachelor” said that he is ready to family creation.

      Алексей Воробьев женился на финалистке «Мисс Россия»

      Alexei Vorobyov has intrigued his fans with an unexpected image – the photograph was captured in wedding ceremony, where he appeared as a suitor. But millions of his fans can be calm – the only artist working on his new video.

      “One of the happiest scenes I’ve ever filmed. Shooting of clip”, – hastened to justify his the sparrows.

      Алексей Воробьев женился на финалистке «Мисс Россия»

      As a bride Alex was invited into the clip is a real beauty – the finalist of the contest “Miss Russia-2015” Anastasia Lepikhova. Together with the girl he played a perfect family. Sparrows even tried on the role of the father. Alex posted a very touching picture, which he tenderly holds a baby. This photo caused great excitement among fans, who immediately divined that Vorobyov will be the perfect dad.

      “A provocateur. My heart skips a beat”, “So cute. You are the best dad!”, “So cute, I wish you such happiness as soon as possible! You’d be a wonderful father and husband – sure”, “Yes, Alex, with a baby on the handles look really sweet, gentle, touching. God forbid you to experience happiness to be a dad!” – never ceased to comment on followers of the famous musician.

      Loyal fans with undisguised interest for the personal life of Alexei Vorobyov. Now the artist is taking part in the reality show “the Bachelor,” where his heart came to fight 25 girls. However, very soon the audience will learn, who will choose the same charismatic young man as a life partner. Who will compete in the final show “the Bachelor” for the heart Vorobyov?

      Despite the fact that the actor takes part in a reality show, Alex sees the program not as entertainment but as a way to really establish his personal life. During the project he repeatedly violated the rules of the show only, not to be mistaken in your choice. Musician and actor speaks about what is really ready to create family.

      “If I’m at the end of the program say one of the women that you love her and want to be with her all my life, I’m getting married. And we will live together, till death do us part, as grandiloquent as it may sound. At least out of a sense of contradiction will live. Because I’m sick and tired of how lightly people treat the promises they give. Five years ago I was one of them. But in every man’s life there comes a moment when he is ready to take responsibility. For the woman, which nearby. For the words that he says,” admitted Alex.

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