Alexei Vorobyov has changed beyond recognition

Алексей Воробьев изменился до неузнаваемости
The singer in the video back in the days.

Photo: Instagram

Joy of fans of Alexey Vorobyov is no limit! The singer together with his longtime girlfriend Polina Maksimova shot a third video for the song “Crazy”. In the third part of minifilm about the life of a couple in love, performed by Alexey and Polina, the audience finally finds out how they met.

Judging by the photo and the shirt, which is dressed Alex, the action occurs in 80-e years in Moscow. But faded denim jeans and peculiar hairstyles of the main characters are only confirmed. Sparrows, by the way, in a fashionable outfit from 30 years ago has become completely unrecognizable!

On the set of the makers of the clip had a difficult task: it was necessary to ensure that the frame does not fall nothing of contemporary reality. But they did it!

Interestingly, and Alexei and Polina for the past 30 years from the date of their acquaintance hasn’t changed a bit! But if we assume that the action takes place at least in 1985, and heroes have at least 15 years, but now they must be at least 45 years! And they still, if you believe the previous two clips, bubbling with youth. Perhaps this is some Director’s idea, but to find out, need to wait for the premiere of the music video, which will be held during the month.