Алексей Воробьёв, не разобравшись в ситуации, обиделся на Викторию Дайнеко
A few years ago, Victoria Daineko and Aleksei Vorobyov considered a couple. However, a strong relationship artists was never built, but remained good friends.

Recently Daineko went live to Alex, when the singer presented her new track. Victoria put a smiley face “cap”, meaning “hats off”. But Alex took it as outrage at the songs, such as “Slaaap”.

He even had time to resent before he read the message from the Wiki, explaining what she had in mind.

“When they say that guys don’t understand hints and after a super cool performance of the song live instead of the message “hats off” just put Emoji hat… wanted to make a compliment, but it turned out as usual…”

– wrote Vick in Instagram under the video.

So sometimes people and arguing, just not understanding each other in some detail.

Fortunately everything is done.

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