Alexei Vorobyov discussed intimate matters with fans

Алексей Воробьев обсудил интимные вопросы с поклонниками The star of the show “the Bachelor” suggested followers “Instagram” three variants of intimacy between a man and a woman and asked to name the most cynical of all. This topic caused a heated discussion in the comments on his page.

      Алексей Воробьев обсудил интимные вопросы с поклонниками

      Singer and actor Alexei Vorobyov does not hesitate to discuss with the followers of a microblog is very candid topics. The participant of the show “the Bachelor” decided to raise the issue of the relationship of his fans to the three options of intimacy that depend on the time over which know man and a woman. The young man offered to give feedback on the cynicism of the option.

      According to the first variant, proposed by singer, the sex is the result of the passion that erupted between two people and no matter when it happens for the first time. Some admirers of Alexei is considered such a proposition is quite cynical: “Sex is not only passion and pleasure! It is also a responsibility!”, “Definitely the first. Of course, if it really sincere feeling. But passion is also a feeling. And it’s perfect!”.

      The second option assumes that the relationship between a man and a woman is possible only after the fifth date, since the first time people try to know each other. “This has to be balanced and quiet solution, which can not be hurry and should not to overdo it,” explained Sparrow. This situation was considered cynical a smaller number of followers of a microblog stars.

      A third option, described by Alex, this intimacy only after marriage. Most of the moral guardians called sex after marriage the right decision.

      Some fans of the participant of show “the Bachelor” did not miss the opportunity to write comments condemning his behaviour on the project. In the last edition of the program for all remains a mystery what he was doing at night alone Alexey Vorobyov and girl Alla Berger. Rumor has it that this season the show is recognized as the most erotic, as the actor does not hesitate to demonstrate passionate feelings in relation to many participants of the project.

      By the way, even the finalist of the last season of the show “the Bachelor” Galina Rzhaksinsky believes that the events of this time are developing very rapidly and girls ready to go to impress Alexis. “Vorobiev is still the same macho, I think it will be even worse. By the way, girl crying constantly because of each other, you just don’t understand how hard it is out there: 24 shooting, without family and friends, and get used to each very, very,” said Galina.

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