Alexei Vorobyov disappointed fans with the news of their disease

Алексей Воробьев огорчил поклонниц новостью о своем заболевании
The artist is comforted in bed with your pet.

Alexei Vorobyov and Elvis

Photo: @mr.alexsparrow Instagram Alexey Vorobyov

Alexei Vorobyov after Anfisa Chekhova “fell” with a high temperature. The actor recently complained to his fans on feeling bad. The news that he “attacked” cold Alexey accompanied with a photo taken in bed. It turned out that the ill singer is comforted in bed with his pet dog named Elvis. A true friend helps his master rather go on the amendment.

Once the temperature at the hospital Alex decided to get nostalgic and remember how he started his acting career. The reason for this was the 10-year anniversary of the release of the country’s TV series “Dreams of Alice” Vorobyov in the title role.

“Back then I had no idea that I would become a professional actor studying in School-Studio of MKHAT, and will play for 10 years, starring in over 30 films. Then, this exciting journey is just beginning… And I thank God and destiny for all the chances that were given to me on this journey, grateful for all the sleepless nights and all the happy days that gave me this profession!” — Alexey told.

Fans of the singer supported the Executive Vorobyov: wished him a speedy recovery and recommend a few home recipes “miraculous” remedies to cure a cold.