Alexei Vorobyov devoted ex-girlfriend angry letter

Алексей Воробьев посвятил бывшей девушке гневное послание The artist believes that his ex-fiancee will never find love. The musician suffers after a breakup with a girlfriend. He believes that she too will have to relive the moment will break my heart.

      Popular musician and actor Alexey Vorobyov hard going through a breakup with his lover. A few days ago it became known that the young man was having an affair with a member of the group “Dynamite” Diana. According to friends of the artist, this girl hurt him. Vorobyov told the fans that are faced with a betrayal from his beloved. Alexey Vorobyov was accused of betraying the soloist of the popular group

      The actor is very hard to forget the relationship for which he did his best. Surrounded by Alexey told me that he really did care for the girl, gave her flowers and sang to any whims. The musician shares his emotions on the personal page in a social network. Vorobyov said that life will present the same difficult situation to ex-girlfriend in the near future. According to the artist, a former darling for failure in love.

      “Not sorry neither time, nor nights, nor days, because they were happy for both of us. Sorry for you, because no one so much as I do, you will not love. People don’t find their “happiness” breaking someone’s heart. It all comes back. And you’ll just have to go through this, as I, like everyone,” said Alex, laying out the sad picture in grey tones.

      Fans worry about their idol and try to encourage it in the comments to the post. “Everything will be fine! Lose something, someone to find!”, “Alex, strange as it may sound, this phrase is for you, but time heals! And it’s true! Over time it will become easier and now it will be very hard, but, more importantly, not to give up,” “it is Sad that suffering is always good people, Patience to you, and everything will work out,” wrote the followers of a celebrity.

      Sparrows tried not to advertise the relationship with the girl, as after the participation in the project “the Bachelor” tired of intense public attention to his beloved. The artist explained why more could not be silent in his microblog. Alexei Vorobyov ruthlessly gets rid of memories about your favorite

      “I am a long time his personal life was concealed. And if someone doesn’t like what I write now in your “Instagram” then understand one thing. This is not for you, for me and for her because I no one else to talk to. Yes, of course, a grown man, especially an artist, should keep it to himself, to go on stage and smile. But I’m not on stage, so I’m terribly sorry,” said Alex to his followers.