Alexei Vorobyov apologized after the scandal in front of ex-girlfriend

Алексей Воробьев извинился после скандала перед бывшей девушкой
The singer can not forget the betrayal of his beloved.

Alexey Vorobyov

Photo: @alexsparrow Instagram Alexey Vorobyov

Alexei Vorobyov can not forget about his beloved devotees. Since, as a singer, in his words, caught the girl cheating, he returned again and again to memories of her. Despite the fact that Alex immediately broke up with his beloved relations, he often dedicates her publications in social networks.

Today, on the day of the Orthodox holiday, the sparrows decided to contact her via social networks. In the microblog artist has a record in which he talked about his feelings. “I wanted this day to apologize to his ex… Sorry that I’m smarter than your new boyfriend, my mind and experiences always got pinned down in our dialogues and you had to agree with me. I’m sorry that I look better than him, because you were always afraid that the girls hung on me and I cheating on you, although I was faithful to you every second. I’m sorry I… did not have time to teach you how to love like a real woman!” — written by Alex.

It should be noted that after the sparrows shared a heartbreaking story about his broken heart, many fans turned against him. The fact that some fans believe that there is no infidelity, and even more beloved, the singer was not. They are of the opinion that the whole scandal was a PR move before the release of his new song and video.

However, supporters of fans in his microblog can meet a lot more. “Apparently much loved… And those words say that you still loves and wants to do the same hurt as she and said, All right, well done!” — supported the Alex subscribers.