Alexei Uchitel began to cry, talking about the children

Алексей Учитель расплакался, рассказывая о детях The famous Director gave a Frank interview. Alexei Uchitel could not restrain emotions, speaking about the heirs. A man for the first time confirmed that he had a little daughter from the Yulia Peresild.
Алексей Учитель расплакался, рассказывая о детях

Alexey Uchitel was the guest of the program “One day”. In an interview with Sergey Mayorov man spoke about raising children and about their future plans. The Director rarely shares details of his personal life, but this time was very open. He did not deny that the father of two little girls.

“My daughter is a miracle! They are still small, but I think just become Actresses. There are the makings of” – shared Teacher.
Алексей Учитель расплакался, рассказывая о детях

Fans of the Director immediately realized that he was talking about joint children with Yulia Peresild. Rumors about the affair of the Director and Actresses walk the last ten years.

Alexey Uchitel has confirmed the paternity of the children of Yulia Peresild

A young woman has two daughters Anna and Mary. However, the actress for a long time refused to tell who the father of her children. And only in a recent interview Peresild confirmed that gave birth to the babies from the Teacher. Now the Director ceased to deny this information.

Fans of the star couple are sure that they hid his affair from the marital status of the Teachers. The fact that the man was for many years married to Kira Saksaganskaya, which is not in a hurry to get a divorce. Occasionally the Director and Julia Peresild appeared together at social events, but a novel that they never advertise.

Yulia Peresild: “Alexey Uchitel – the father of my children”

The Teacher also told about the attitude to the work of son Elijah. Recently, 25-year-old heir to the famous Director made his debut film. Alexei Yefimovich only once came to the set, and his visit is over is not the best way.

“I stayed there for an hour. As a professional, saw the error and started to correct my son. After that, he came up to me and asked me to leave. Of course, I understand it. It’s not a criticism, but of authority on the set, which I could destroy,” recalled the details of the conflict, the Teacher.

Talking about this situation, the man could not hold back tears. He does not deny that he is very worried about the heir and his career achievements.

Now Alexey Uchitel absorbed tvorcheskimi experiments. The famous Director very rarely goes on vacation, never takes a day off. “I want to win an Oscar, to remove at least another five movies. I have no time to relax,” said the Director.

The latter, at the moment, the tape of the Teacher caused a lot of controversy. The movie “Matilda” many would condemn because of the fact that in the course of the story, Nicholas II, canonized, not depicted in the best light. However, Alex E. has long been accustomed to criticism, and therefore tries not to pay attention to her.