Alexei Uchitel and Julia Peresild develop abilities daughters

Алексей Учитель и Юлия Пересильд развивают способности дочерей The star couple are raising adorable Anya and Masha. According to Alexei Uchitel, girls grow very creative. The eldest heir of celebrities going to the dance, and the youngest plays tennis. Being a very busy man, the Director tries to give them every spare minute.
Алексей Учитель и Юлия Пересильд развивают способности дочерей

Alexei Uchitel and Yulia Peresild no longer hide the fact that his parents are adorable Anna and Maria. Movie stars have appeared together with the children and talk about them in an interview. Recently the Director for the first time shared details of the education of the charming heiresses.

According to the Teachers, Anna and Maria are growing very capable and creative. Girls do not cease to please his father. The artist is trying to support their initiatives, although due to busy schedule can’t always afford to give the kids a lot of time.

“The eldest, Anna, an eight and a half younger, Mache, four and a half. Anya just two months of dancing, but she is incredibly plastic. Recently took part in a dancing competition, where she won a place without cronyism. I was sitting incognito in the audience, I didn’t recognize. I think she will be an actress”, – he said to journalists.
Алексей Учитель и Юлия Пересильд развивают способности дочерей

Older children Alexei live an independent life. 40-year-old heir to the stars Andrew graduated from financial-economic Institute and at one time worked with his father, and then produced TV shows and headed the radio station “STO”. Another son of a Teacher Ilya studied at the Institute of Cinematography at the directing Department and wants to prove that he is an independent creative unit. Anya and Masha all very different.

“The girls still early to speak about serious things. Try to go with them to the cinema or the theatre, but it happens infrequently. To sit together at the table – a rare stroke of luck. Usually in the morning or not (I in trips), or have a second time the moment when they are sent to school and kindergarten, and in the evening when they come back, they’re already asleep. But we try together to celebrate the holidays, to go somewhere for New year’s or summer vacation,” – said the artist.

Being a lover of tennis, Alex the Teacher teaches the little children unto him. According to the Director, the son of Ilya owns a better technology, but still loses to his father. And the younger daughter of a Teacher working with a trainer and may well be the second Maria Sharapova.

“By the way, Mary we took to tennis. I’ve been doing this trenerry, she and the children coached. They have some exercise for testing when a child has one hit out of ten, it is considered to be a very capable And Masha came four times. The coach said that it was impossible. I don’t think this is an exaggeration, she believes that Mary is a future Sharapova. Let’s see,” – said the Director.

According to Teachers, children deals mainly with Yulia Peresild. One day, when the actress was busy filming, she asked him to follow Anna a couple of weeks, with the result that the Director had lost weight. About that time, the Teacher recalls with a laugh. “Just with a small child have to be active,” he told the journal “Atmosphere”.