Alexei Uchitel acknowledged his illegitimate daughters

Алексей Учитель признал своих внебрачных дочек
The Director has unveiled the paternity.

Alexei Uchitel

Photo: freeze-frame of the program “One day…”

Alexey Uchitel for the first time publicly admitted that he has illegitimate children. In secular sidelines has long been rumored that the father of two daughters, Yulia Peresild is it, but officially the Director has never recognized this fact. But Sergei Mayorov, the presenter of the program “One day…” the Teacher blurted out that he had really grown up daughters.

Alex was terse, but said that does not preclude: girls in the future can become artists. However, this is not surprising, considering who are their parents.

“My daughter is a miracle! They are still small, but I think just become Actresses. There are the makings!” — said the Teacher. This statement also became the confirmation of the long going rumors. By the way, most recently Julia has also commented on his relationship with the Teacher. “The father of my children – Alexey Uchitel. In line at the store must have seen. I really don’t know when and in what store. But sometimes I stand in queues, Yes. I do mistress. Stocks are doing. I’m a Rat horoscope. Cereal stock up and everything is not spoiled. In my house you can find what you want… And of course, Alex is a good father who cares about the daughters. I really hate to talk about my personal life!”

Except for the subsidiaries Alexei is already an adult son, Ilya, born in marriage with Kira Saksaganskaya. The young man had followed daddy’s footsteps and VGIK. This year, he released his debut film “Lights”.