Alexei Serebryakov for the first time explained why adopted children

Алексей Серебряков впервые объяснил, почему усыновил детей The famous actor decided to have a Frank conversation with Yuri Dude. Alexey Serebryakov revealed to the journalist the size of their income, explained why he moved to Canada, and shared dreams. The artist adores people and would do anything for them.
Алексей Серебряков впервые объяснил, почему усыновил детей

People’s artist of Russia Alexei Serebryakov, gave an interview to the journalist Yuri Dude. The recording of the interview with the star appeared on the YouTube channel “wdwd”. Within hours of publication, the video has gained over one million views and hit the tab “trend”. Serebryakov told the Dude about my job, move to Canada, the problems of the Russian cinema and loved ones.

A famous artist lives abroad since the beginning of 2012. According to star, he did not renounce Russian citizenship. His decision to relocate Alex explained the care of children – Darya, Stephen and Daniel. The heirs Serebryakov attend a private school, which costs him 24 thousand dollars a year.

“I had to give them the maximum amount of competitive advantage. Where will they live, I don’t know. Maybe Dan married brasillach, and Steve married a Spanish girl. I know that they are open, free, and fluent in English, and probably learn more than one language. They are friendly, tolerant, respect another’s human dignity. They Russian boys”, – said the artist.
Алексей Серебряков впервые объяснил, почему усыновил детей

Alexei Serebryakov has two adopted children. The actor and his wife choreographer Mary first adopted Daniel, who was then two years, and then 3-year-old Stepan. The actor is extremely reluctant to talk about the heirs and prefers to avoid the subject party in an interview. For Yury Serebryakov Dude made an exception.

“I hate to think about when I leave. Unfortunately, I am in my life nothing is more important than them and my wife Mary, is not found. Greater happiness than they do, I don’t know. In any case, the track in Cannes this happiness I don’t experience – told the star. Daniel I adopted 13 years ago, and step – 12. This is a very personal story. The fact that Masha two times did not work with children. And I love her so much, we no longer have to arrange these provocations. We realized that we can do it. And Steve, and Dan – home for us children.”
Алексей Серебряков впервые объяснил, почему усыновил детей

Serebryakov admitted that he knows practically nothing about the parents of the boys. “Very little. Only what is written in the card,” said the actor. According to Serebryakov, during the adoption he and his wife met with great difficulties. “We basically helped. The Internet and data Bank”, – said the actor. The artist regrets he will no longer be able to adopt children because of the “Dima Yakovlev law”, adopted in 2012. “Because my wife is a canadian citizen,” explained Alex.

Educating their children, Alex periodically exhibit rigor. “Yes, I shout at them. This happens quite often, especially now, because they transition to adulthood. I only do it at home. So, recently raised her voice because of Smoking. I’m trying to save them from that error, which I did,” shared the man.

After Serebryakov moved to Canada, he faced a barrage of criticism. Despite the move, the actor continues to work with Russian Directors. Yuri Dude asked the actor whether it was true that his one day is 300-400 thousand rubles. “Yes, somewhere in this interval”, – said serebrjakov.

Innermost desires known actor connected with his loved ones.

“I have a dream to be proud of their children and die one day with his wife,” said the actor Yuri Dude.