Alexei Petrenko died at the age of 78 years

Алексей Петренко скончался в возрасте 78 лет
The artist’s death was a great shock to colleagues and fans.

Alexei Petrenko


Late last night it became known that the popular actor, who played about 80 roles in film, Alexey Petrenko died. About this reported the official website of the Union of cinematographers of Russia.

“On February 22, 2017 died an outstanding Russian actor Alexei Petrenko. The Union of cinematographers of Russia grieves together with the family of the outstanding Russian actor Alexei Petrenko…” — it is told in the message published on the Network. This news shocked colleagues and fans to the core. Official data on cause of death yet. But the eyewitnesses of the incident said that the closer in the night Alex felt ill: his head was spinning. Then he fell and, some time later, died.

On account of Alexey Petrenko huge number of roles in film and theater. His most famous works — the role of pilot Yuri Stroganov in the drama of Alexey Herman “Twenty days without war”, Ivan Kuzmich of Podkolesin in the Marriage Vitaly Melnikov and American journalist Paul dick in multiserial film “TASS is authorized to declare” Vladimir Fokin…

In social networks there were hundreds of messages with words of sorrow from colleagues and fans to the address of Alexei Petrenko. One of the first to report about the death of actor responded Alexander Oleshko. “Great! Truly a Great actor! Alexei Petrenko! The Kingdom of heaven…” — he wrote.

People’s artist had another amazing talent. With the youth Alexey Petrenko loved to sing. He told me that loved this lesson, thanks to my mother, who has an amazing voice. The actor used his musical talent and actively performed the songs in the movie and the performances. And because he was a deeply religious man, he was very close still and motet.

The actor was married three times. In the first marriage with singer Alla Petrenko, had a baby girl, Polina, who later gave him his granddaughter Anastasia. The second time Alexei Petrenko is married to journalist — Galina Kozhuhova. Along with it he raised his step — son, Michael Kozhuhova. It is this Union of the artist was the most robust. Galina and Alexei lived together for about 30 years. In 2010, Alex played his third wedding which was the occasion for gossip and condemnation in theatrical circles. His choice was Abdumuminov Azim, who was younger than him by 30 years. They were married in the Orthodox Church.