Alexei Panin was tired of being “scandalous”

Алексей Панин устал быть «скандальным»

After the scandal with dog Russian actor Alexey Panin became the hero of the program “New Russian sensations” on NTV. The artist consciously decided to take this step, despite his dislike of the media, he believes, is damaging his good name.

NTV journalists contacted Panin immediately after the transfer of his alleged intimate relationship with the animal that the artist is in principle denies. Alex offered not only to star in the program, but also to undergo lie detector to talk about life with her daughter and relationships with ex-wives.
Panin complains that the image of a brawler, which he hung by the media, already rather tired of it.
“You know, I’m tired of the prefix “controversial” – “the scandalous actor Alexei Panin,” I’m not scandalous! Yes, the smoke without fire does not happen, sometimes I may indeed have given rise, was in a scandalous situation. But I think any normal person in my place would have done the same. I was not always right, I will not renounce my sins, but it is not necessary to ascribe other people’s!” — grieved artist.