Алексея Панин обманул кандидат в депутаты Вячеслав Емельянов

Official representatives of the candidate in deputies of Kursk city Assembly from the “United Russia” has offered the controversial actor Alexei Panin to make an educational video where it needs to support future Deputy Vyacheslav Emelyanov and to entice citizens to vote for him. In the end, the actor didn’t get the money for the work, and email him he fell down the mountain of complaints from citizens.

August 25, in his account instagram, the actor said that Vyacheslav Emelyanov has not paid the money for the campaign video, which the actor wrote in his support. “It appealed to my people from the campaign headquarters of one of the Kursk Deputy of Fame Emelyanov, the area of “Fiber”. “Residents “Fiber” vote for the Glory Yemelyanov, a cool dude,” wrote me this text. A complete lie, of course. Alex Panin recorded (video) and sent. And the money he never sent,***,” complains the actor to his readers in his microblog in instagram.

Panin admitted that he regretted what he had done, and that did not listen to the people who advised him take a video. The actor urged citizens not to vote for a future Deputy, because he can deceive them as he deceived him.

According to the actor, after the recognition of the cheating policy, he received many letters from residents of Kursk. In them, residents told me about the threats and machinations involved in the command policy for the sake of votes. For example, residents pay 500 rubles for the sake of votes. Some are even threatened with dismissal if they did not vote for Emelyanov. As spoken, MP is not going to pay the salaries of his campaign staff.

As signed by the actor under his video on instagram, “I hope I can open people’s eyes to the fact that they consider the herd. I feel guilty too! And the question how the judged person could become a candidate?!”.

As reported by “Open Russia”, Emelyanov Vyacheslav is in the list of participants in the primaries of the party “United Russia”. He will be nominated for deputies of Kursk city Assembly of the sixth convocation for a single electoral district. Also, Emelyanov, General Director of the company “Transmet”.