Alexei Makarov stopped recognizing because of its thinness

Алексея Макарова перестали узнавать из-за худобы
The actor strongly suggest again to gain weight.

Алексея Макарова перестали узнавать из-за худобы

Alexey Makarov, 2016

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Alexey Makarov, 2012

Photo: Yury Feklistov

At yesterday’s premiere of “Earthquake” Alexey Makarov
bypassed the red carpet where the stars were photographed, and proceeded
immediately to the auditorium together with other viewers. However, the actor in any
the case could have been avoided increased attention to his person. Much
emaciated 44-year-old Makarov are not often released, so many of his
still associate the big man who was seen on screens before.

In the cinema “October” there were a lot of celebrities, but the
Makarova caused the most powerful discussion in the Network. Almost all the reviews
boil down to one: such thinness Alex not to face and fans suggest he
again to gain weight.

Especially worried about women
beautiful sex. Some comments are extremely judgemental. That’s what Alex
wrote one of his admirers: “You look bad! With weight loss lost
A CHARM!” While it is possible that this image of Makarov necessary for the new role. After all, many actors often drop extra pounds, and sometimes Vice versa — especially gaining weight before filming.