Alexei Klimushkin: “After reanimation I have changed a lot”

Алексей Климушкин: «После реанимации я многое поменял» A famous actor said “StarHit” about their UPS and downs, the children, and also about the difficult relationship with an old friend of Dmitry Nagiyev. Klimushkin actively starred in the TV series of the channel TNT. Many viewers remember him for his role as Sylvester Andreevich of tape “I”.
Алексей Климушкин: «После реанимации я многое поменял»

Alexei Klimushkin – known actor, who remembered the Russian viewers for the TV series “Sashatanya”. He played a tycoon who changes cars and apartments. In real life, the artist goes for a more modest model of the car and tries to stick to eternal values: to be honest and to help out friends. In an interview with “StarHit” Klimushkin talked about the relationship with Dmitry Nagiyev, the heavy losses and Outlook on life.

Alexei, feeling that Klimushkin abruptly disappeared from TV screens, from the information, and then suddenly the premiere of “the Keeper of facades” in the “Leningrad center.” You deliberately left in the shade for a period or was it reason?
Алексей Климушкин: «После реанимации я многое поменял» Of course not. For example, we are currently shooting another season of “I” for “TNT” – hard work, just like mine. But the ratings allow you to shoot another season, and what will happen – I don’t know. —
We can say that over the years the image of the oligarch much transformed?
Алексей Климушкин: «После реанимации я многое поменял» For ten years, Sylvester A. a lot has happened: there was a young wife, another a child. Of course, he was transformed, if you include linear thinking, but how it has changed something in fact, I don’t know. Anton Chekhov said “People don’t change, people manifest”. So manifest, and I somehow, somewhere, but again, within the genre of “TNT”.—
How did you react to the news about his illness Andrei Giulana?
Алексей Климушкин: «После реанимации я многое поменял» Of course, it was very difficult, it was a blow below the belt! I gathered my family, and by car we went to visit him in Munich, where he had surgery. He then asked for buckwheat, which is not there I brought it to him, talked how it was possible then. Words are of course for sale, but God forbid us to be in this situation – we did not spare neither himself nor others. The situation with Andrew was difficult, but nothing happened.
Алексей Климушкин: «После реанимации я многое поменял»
The son of your character brings a girl home and starts to live with her. How you would react to it in real life?
Алексей Климушкин: «После реанимации я многое поменял» My youngest brought a girl and lives with her, and I’m at the cottage moved. What can I do, as any Jewish daddy, help. In the end does not always help, but still trying. It is a difficult and jealous moments, but that’s life, and I’m just happy for him. In this sense, raise legs to the top and just ready to help. —
What are your children?
Алексей Климушкин: «После реанимации я многое поменял» One son is studying to be an architect, receives the second higher education. The other decided to learn the profession of operator. At first, when they could not decide what I want to do, I made them just to get an education – so they know who is Caesar, who Cleopatra and more. Then they began to look for something for the soul. As far as I can, trying to help them, but not relationships, and financial, paying for their training. —
How did you get to play “Keeper of the Facades”?
Алексей Климушкин: «После реанимации я многое поменял» Connections! We’ve all done (laughs). When my classmate Felix Mikhailov, artistic Director of the “Leningrad center” has suggested to us that we have tried here to do this show, we were it’s interesting. This statement is based on the work “Branch” of Sergei Dovlatov. Our Director Dmitry Kreminskaya, Vakhtangov’s pupil, made a dramatization, wrote a love story, after which understand that the most important thing is love. Have played a few performances, and the next will be held on 29 and 30 November.
Алексей Климушкин: «После реанимации я многое поменял»
Recently showed a programme “Tonight” on Dmitry Nagiyev, where were you. It turns out that all the rumors about your conflict with a colleague is wrong?
Алексей Климушкин: «После реанимации я многое поменял» At the time the student we are so each other was feeling, so people come together only occasionally and this happens not by someone’s order, it is the chemistry of life. When on the course Petrov was 35 people, and we’ve teamed up three of us – me, Nagiyev and Lifanov. We felt each other with their eyes closed, one might fall and the other to support. The three of us spoke of this “red cap” (the so-called trio student Klimushkin-Lifanov-Nagiev) for several years, and Leo I. Gitelman (Professor of the theatre Institute) we are constantly told: “Only in this way is the only way to play D’artagnan and three Musketeers”! I remember those years with warmth and love.But that was not so, what the cuckoo praises the cock, I can say that was antypolska moments! For example, one loves Tarkovsky, and the other “die hard”, one loves Lars von Trier and the other some Cameron. This was our differences, everyone wanted life to its. There were disputes, without pathos, which was inherent in the television program, and sometimes it even came to the fights – it was real too.—
How do you fight with Nagiyev, he is a master of sports?!
Алексей Климушкин: «После реанимации я многое поменял» Not in this case! We were such friends that fought and then cried on each other, because you broke the shirt! They – my friends from my youth, which I’m loving so far. Life has changed a bit, forced to make a choice. But after 50 years, all goes by the wayside and there comes something else. For example, the play “the Caretaker facades” allows you to stay in the mirror and ask yourself: “Boy, is that important for you? How you have lived your life?” These questions should be asked between friends. Maybe we will meet once together in the bath and talk.
Алексей Климушкин: «После реанимации я многое поменял»
About your personal life almost nothing is known… Why?
Алексей Климушкин: «После реанимации я многое поменял» See, personal life – the sort of thing that God forbid hurt someone. Here I give an interview, bragging or not bragging, but a person something not so. We’ve said above about Giulana, he is now healthy, he’s fine, and suddenly, God forbid that! And how do I answer this question? Therefore, privacy is better left secret, I have such opinion. There are things that even in our profession should not be sold, because you can inadvertently hurt his wife, his girlfriend, his mistress.—
You are in good physical shape! Go to the gym?
Алексей Климушкин: «После реанимации я многое поменял» After resuscitation had to go out and play sports. Dad left, and I could not resist. See, again, a lot of us with Dima in common: his mother died, and I have both parents. It is a rather complicated period in the life of any boy, who suddenly sees death. You’re never ready, although my dad suffered for two years. It was very hard, and at some point I was with him in intensive care. —
Lead social networks?
Алексей Климушкин: «После реанимации я многое поменял» I was the official “Instagram”, where there were about 30 thousand subscribers – tell me a little? And I the boys, with 4 million subscribers, talking down to me, the answer is: “I signed here for Javier Bardem, this Spanish actor, which has only six thousand subscribers.” They are very surprised. Dima Bykov too little, but these guys mean something. You know this is marketing, which then can play with you a malicious joke – I know very well this kitchen, these mechanisms, but I’m bored to do it. Again, maybe nobody offered money, offered to Olga Buzova. In 30-40 years, a small number of subscribers it would hurt me, and now do not care. Hagolan tells me “You’re doing it wrong! It is not so! So never is not will attract”. I own “Instagram” is seen as a diary, where I can play smart, to write some of his thoughts and maintain him “wrong”. —
You once said that “the apartment in Moscow I have not earned,” and your hero Sylvester A. change the machine housing. Not jealous of him?
I have a Volvo, I love this brand. The train is in the frame, 10 years on “rolls-Royce” I can say that this is a very good car, nice, but in Russia never would have taken. Yes, in Monaco it looks organic, and we have a poor country, and when people even start to bend fingers, I feel ashamed, after all, nothing but a “Grey neck” have not read or watched. I’m “old fart”, and like the word “shame”, “conscience”, they take me by the gills. And now I’m trying to make friends with her, with a conscience.