Alexei Guskov try on the images of Jesus and Gladiator

Алексей Гуськов примерит на себя образы Иисуса и Гладиатора
In the Crimea began shooting, adventure, Comedy
“Eternal life”.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

At the time of the filming of “Eternal life” Genoese fortress in the Crimean city
Pike will turn into a historical theme Park with gladiators and knights,
healers and even Jesus.

This lightweight, extremely funny Comedy tells the story of
former actor Alexander hristoforov, moonlighting today
historical entertainment Park. Despite the humorous form in the picture
presents an impressive reservoir of dramatic and philosophical overtones;
the subjects of life, death, alternation of generations and, of course, love. It
the combination of outside fun and serious internal issues of the character
turns the film into a kind of comic parable.

“This story is interesting to me his
ambiguity and provocation, — said Alexei Guskov, who is the lead actor, and producer of the project. —
Starting work on the script, we from the first lines I thought that the future
the film immediately captured the viewer the boldness of the design and scale of the filming. For our
audience unusual to see sacred images, is solved in a humorous
manner. However, through this technique we try to attract the viewer’s attention to
deep inner issues of a Mature personality. In her character I saw a dramatic breakdown, characterized by lonely
man. He faces typical middle-aged man problems:
difficulty in communicating with his son, quarrels with his ex-wife, loneliness, illness. But
love for life and sense of humor of the main character smooth internal drama
the conflict of the character; after reading the script on the face is a smile, not tears”.

In tandem with Aleksey Guskov be the laureate of the award “Nika”, actor Timothy Tribunal and deserved
artist of Russia Igor Ugolnikov.

The main female characters will play actress Oksana Fandera – the role of the doctor at the psychiatric centre, and Pauline, Pushkaruk — in the role of assistant
Gladiator with pronounced suicidal tendencies. The Gladiator
play actor Roman Curtin. The role
ex-wife of the main character will perform honored artist of Russia Lydia velegeva.

Bright as a Wizard — Healer, capable of magical wonders,
the film involved people’s artist of Russia and Director Stanislav Lyubshin, an iconic actor of his generation, known for
her roles in such films as “Five evenings”, “Shield and sword”, “the Steppe” and
“The black monk”.

The film was Eugene
Shelyakin, known to viewers of the recent comedies “BW” and “Friday”.

me as a person reached a certain age stage, this film
seems including a personal statement, he says. — A combination of Comedy, drama and parables for a reason.
In my opinion, in this key conversation with the audience on the topic
wasted life, hope, last chance, will be the most expressive. I
happy to work with Aleksey Guskov, because, in my opinion, he
fits perfectly into the world we create “Eternal life””.

Currently completed the construction of scenery in the Genoese fortress city
Pike, the crew started to work. The film’s release is scheduled for spring 2018
when the producer and the lead actor of the film Alexey Guskov will celebrate
the 60-year anniversary.