Alexei Guskov heavily experienced the death of his father

Алексей Гуськов тяжело пережил гибель отца The actor thought of the death of the Pope in the documentary, filmed the First channel to the anniversary. Alexei Guskov may 20 passed 60 years. The actor, his friends and family believe that everything in life Guskova is just beginning.
Алексей Гуськов тяжело пережил гибель отца

Popular actor Alexey Guskov may 20 passed 60 years. Anniversary actor met in a large close-knit family, it will congratulate colleagues from the theater Vakhtangov, favorite Directors and partners.

The first channel has prepared a documentary “Alexey Guskov. The taiga and other stories”, dedicated to the artist. In the film recalled the difficult path Guskova in the art, it’s a big role and of course the childhood of Alex.

The future actor was born Poland, where in the late 50’s his father was a military pilot, Gennady Guskov. When Alex was 6, the family moved to Kiev, and a year in the 60-th pilot Andrei died, he crashed on the helicopter MI-8 because of the shavings in the gas tank.

Almost 50 years later, Alex is still going through early care of the father. Remembers how she cried five or six years after my dad died finding a death notice.

“They (pilots) all do not leave the cabin… If they went to the tail, could survive. But they pull the car, – said Andrei, and continued, – Years 11 -12 I found a telegram from a funeral and there was a typo: “Your son husband father tragicheski died”, and that “TRG”… So I was offended. And although it’s been a while, but I was crying…”
Алексей Гуськов тяжело пережил гибель отца

Guskova mother raised. And, although not experienced in childhood, was able to create a strong family with actress Lydia Believei. However, for Alexis, this was the second marriage. For the first time the artist went to the registry office with his classmate Tatiana, a young actor’s family had a daughter Natalia. Student marriage did not last long, but the former couple managed to maintain normal relations. For Guskova is much more important that he is very close with his daughter. “Natasha has a great relationship,” says the actor with a sincere and enjoys each encounter with her granddaughter Lisa, though they are not so common due to the employment of the actor.

Алексей Гуськов тяжело пережил гибель отца

Have Guskova have another granddaughter – she’s two, she’s the daughter of the eldest son of Lydia and Alexei Vladimir. “He melts when he is with Stesha – the son of Guskov – it turns into a baby.”

By the way, the children Guskova and Believei followed in the footsteps of their parents – Vladimir is in the theater named after Vladimir Mayakovsky, and the younger Demetrius, a student of the faculty of producers and economy of the VGIK.

Алексей Гуськов тяжело пережил гибель отца