Алексей Глызин перевоспитал себя ради внука The actor spoke about the role of grandparents. The performer of hits “Winter garden” and “Late night in Sorrento” celebrated his 64th birthday this year. Alexei Glyzin still gives concerts, but free time prefers to spend in the family circle, in particular, a lot of talking with 12-year-old grandson.

In mid-January, Alexei Glyzin noted 64th birthday. However, the artist did not look his age. In late March, the musician will give a concert in Moscow. He is now actively rehearsing a new program. “Half the Department will be with the orchestra and the second with my musicians. So it will be serious” – shared Glyzin.

The actor is happy in a relationship with a world champion in rhythmic gymnastics Sania Babi for 25 years. Despite the difficulties that arose between them, the musician managed to save the marriage. The main joy for Alexei to leave his children and 12-year-old grandson Igor. At the time his colleague Igor Nikolayev thought that the child was named in his honor. However, according to Glyzina, the boy was named in memory of Talc. For the sake of the grandson of the musician had to rethink their behaviour.

“Grandfather and I are just wonderful, very funny. Grandson without correction and all the rest. I don’t read the morals of the child, but rather to show him life as it is. We drive a car, I can tell him how to manage it, Denis is very interesting. I told him what not to do when you’re behind the wheel, what mistakes not to make. And the rest, I think he will learn himself, he has yet to come! Denis is a talented boy, a good student and a very versatile companion. I think it’s wonderful that in my life there is such a grandson who makes me happy with their success. With him interesting to say about everything that happens around. In turn, Denis I, too, learned something. Let’s say I began to follow his speech, do not be nervous on trifles. Looking at Denis, for some reason I do not, as struggling to meet the grandfather status” – shared Glyzin.

According to Alexey, he tries to be sensitive to the grandson and often talk to the boy. “This is very important, when life is such a landmark. I can’t say that we every day meet with him at the big family table, but at the first opportunity I always call Denis, I feel a great need to communicate with him,” said Glyzin, dealing with “Source”.