Alexei Chadov will once again become a father

Алексей Чадов снова станет отцом
35-year-old actor spoke about the relationship with Agnia Ditkovskite.

Alexey Chadov with his son Fedor

Photo: @alexeychadov Instagram

Alexei Chadov — a model father. The actor manages to combine work with raising a little Fedora, which he copes. Father and son spend a lot of time together. The actor talked about how Fedor changed his life. And the other day Alex said that he wants to become a father once again.

The actor is planning to create a strong family with many children. As an example, Alex brings his friend who became a father six times. Chadov hopes in the future, if not overtake, then at least to catch up with his friend in this regard.

“Children are a miracle. They give real happiness, no other love makes no such bright feelings! Dostoyevsky rightly said: “the Soul is healed near the children.” And of course I want more children!” — said the actor.

Recently Alex hinted that he has a new love. But to talk about it, the actor does not want. Perhaps it will give him a long-awaited babies.

By the way, Chadov also mentioned how his current relationship with his mother Fedora — Agnia Ditkovskite: for my son Alex and his ex-girlfriend has managed to maintain warm relations. “We are very easy to talk to and make friends – she’s the mother of my son, our joint miracle!” — quoted Alexei Peopletalk. Agnes, by the way, recently became a mother for the second time.