Алексей Чадов забрал сына в Европу The actor went with the heir to Marbella. Alexey Chadov, Fedor took on an exciting journey abroad. Movie star shares with followers photographs with the boy. First dad and son visited Germany, and then went to sunbathe on the Mediterranean coast.

      Russian actor Alexey Chadov went on a trip to Europe with his son Fedor. The first stop of the Pope and his successor became Frankfurt-on-main, where the family ate the most delicious German sausages. After that, the movie star with the baby went to a fashion in the celebrity Spanish resort of Marbella, located in the Spanish province of Malaga.

      Chadov, Fedor teaches two year old to swim. Caring father supports the boy in the sea, until he gets used to the waves. In the picture shared by the actor, it shows the shore, and the baby clings to his father and also looks into the distance. Fans of the actor were in awe of the touching family scenes. “I think my mom is like the kid”, “Oh how cool!”, “Supercade,” commented the users of the social network.

      Alexei Chadov spends a lot of time with Fedor, despite the fact that he broke up with the boy’s mother Agnia Ditkovskite in 2015. They were together for about three years. Breakup with actor was a complete surprise to Agnes. The woman claimed that she was in a state of complete prostration, when the husband left her. After breaking up for the sake of the son of Alex and Agnes had maintained friendly relations, so the actor may at any time to take the boy to her house or go on holiday with him.

      “I am extremely grateful to Agnes for her son Fedor and do everything possible to make him happy. We lived together for a really happy time, but all things must come to an end. I didn’t want to comment on what happened between us with Agnia, considering it a private thing, but when reporters one of the publications tricked into the confidence of my mother and after have attributed to her the words that she never said my patience is exhausted. My mom is an adult, but the meanness of the reporters she had a nervous breakdown. Yes, we broke up, but, nevertheless jointly raise our son Fyodor, and our families are respectful to one another,” said Chadov after breaking up with the mother of his child.

      We will remind, Agniya Ditkovskite gave birth to Theodore on 5 June 2014. However, the appearance of the child is not United with a spouse. The actors used to throw each other out of jealousy. When their patience came to an end, they parted. However, this did not affect the communication between father and heir. “Fyodor gets from parents equally love. Each of us works a lot, so agree among themselves who and when to spend time with my son,” said Ditkovskite.

      Agnia Ditkovskite: “Now I fear nothing!”

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