Алексей Чадов заговорил о свадьбе The actor thought about what love is. The star of the movie “the Hammer” was not disappointed in marriage after breaking up with Agnia Ditkovskite. Aleksey Chadov is looking for special emotions and optimistic about the future.

      Actor Alexey Chadov was not disappointed in women, despite the divorce with Agnia Ditkovskite. The star of the movie “the Hammer”, which is released in Russian cinemas on November 3, dreaming again to find love. He still believes that he can tie the knot with a new girl. However, the artist himself likes to joke on this subject, noting that more does not marry.

      “The wedding is off! Never again. Just kidding, of course. I’m in no way disappointed. There is a way that we go – move forward. I got a lot of momentum to go further, to strive for the highest love, not just love, which lives for several years and ends in a period of crisis. Great love overcomes obstacles, we’re all about this dream, but not everyone comes to her level”, – said Chadov.

      However, judging by the photos of stars in social networks, the actor has not yet met the right woman. Basically Chadov shows pictures with son Theodore. The boy spends a lot of time with dad. In turn, the parent is happy to observe the growing up of the child. As recognized by the artist, the appearance of the child is reflected in its chart life. “Everything changed on its head. Now he grew up, he misses me, realizes that I long might not be around, but in the evening he always greets me. Already begins to turn into an adult,” said Alex, speaking to reporters Spletnik.ru.

      Recall that about fifteen years ago, Chadov and Ditkovskite severed marital relations. According to them, over time they became uninteresting to each other, and it was necessary to change the situation. “I sincerely wanted to create a happy family, but everything in life is apparently much more difficult. I am extremely grateful to Agnes for her son Fedor and do everything possible to make him happy. We lived together for a really happy time, but all things must come to an end,” said the actor after breaking up with his wife.

      In turn, Agnia Ditkovskite noted in an interview that Alex is a great father to Theodore, but to live with him in marriage she no longer could. The woman tried not to tell anyone about that storm of emotions that raged inside her. However, she called the divorce a point of reference, which directs life in a new direction. Agnia Ditkovskite told how the son took her divorce