Алексей Чадов увез сына в Испанию
The actor ran away from Moscow’s hustle and bustle.

Alexei Chadov son

Photo: @Instagram alexeychadov Alexei Chadov

Alexei Chadova has come to the end of shooting the next project and now he has summer vacation started that he decided to spend with the family. The actor along with his young son Feodor went to rest in Sunny Spain.

The first picture of the journey together of Alex with a boy has already appeared in his microblog. He, unlike mother Theodore — Agnes Ditkovskite does not hide the person of the son that should please his fans. On the published photos of the boy looks a copy of his famous dad. The similarity of Alex and Fedor said the same pose in the picture.

By the way, not so long ago Agnes showed the son of Saint Petersburg. The actress took advantage of the vacant weekend and made a son a small excursion.

Incidentally, while most Russian artists enjoyed the rest of the seas, Chadov worked hard. In July he started shooting a new series “Dead on 99%”, which ended only recently. With him in the new project was involved Oleg Taktarov and Anna starshenbaum, a cousin of Irina Starshenbaum. Alex will appear before the audience in the familiar to him the image of “macho”.

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