Alexei Chadov showed 11-year-old son

Алексей Чадов показал 11-летнего сына
The actor presented to the fans of his successor.

Alexey Chadov and Artem Bachinin

Photo: @Instagram alexeychadov Alexei Chadova

Alexey Chadov was introduced to its subscribers in social networks with one my son. However, 11-year-old heir appeared at the actor in real life and in screen. Now Alex is busy in the shooting of the series “Fourth shift” and in the story is the dad of a teenager, played by Artem Bachinin.

By new dad and son at the site have established warm and friendly relations. “Meet my son in the film… a Wonderful actor!” — wrote Chadov. The young actor thanked Alexei for the kind words in his address.

However, that Chadov so quickly managed to find the right approach to the child is not surprising. After all, he is in real life a son Fyodor. Despite the fact that the actor broke up with the boy’s mother, actress Agnia Ditkovskite, he is free from filming the day devoted to the heir.

Meanwhile, although the separation of the pair happened in 2015, Chadov so far and met a new love. Not so long ago he admitted that he doesn’t want to date, as with the head immersed in the work and time for a relationship just remains. So what about any serious affair of it until he thought, exactly like about the new marriage.