Alexei Chadov shared details of his new novel

Алексей Чадов  поделился подробностями своего нового романа
The actor said, again not free.

Алексей Чадов  поделился подробностями своего нового романа

Aleksey Chadov

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Alexei Chadov admitted that it is comfortable to be in the status of bachelor, but despite this, his heart is not free. In the Internet appeared the images
which actor is depicted with a mysterious. The actor has denied the information about
he’s Dating a girl. As
Chadov says himself, he doesn’t share on Instagram the details of his personal life. “You don’t look at that page… My
girls behind the scenes” — the story actor.

We will remind, 35-year-old
the actor is the father of a lovely two year old Theodore, who was born in June
2014. The child was born in marriage of the artist with Agnia Ditkovskite.
Despite the fact that the couple broke up they kept a good relationship for the sake of
child. Alexey takes an active part
in the education of his son.

the actor dropped a long-awaited break from work, and he did not miss the opportunity
to spend the weekend with his son Fedor. New achievements the baby,
which are not yet three years old, he boasted on his page in the social
online posted a new video: it caused a flurry of positive responses from
subscribers stars.

taught him to ride a scooter. And the child is so easily and freely
cuts on his vehicle, that has even surpassed daddy. In
weekend nature pleased Muscovites warm weather, so all-day
and Fedor held outdoors: in order to explore the
well-maintained trails among the pine trees, the actor does not need to make special
efforts. Because the house in which he lives, is located in the suburbs, and the forest seen from the window of the estate of the actor.

Aleksey Chadov son