Alexei Chadov has shed light on a new novel

Алексей Чадов пролил свет на новый роман The actor said that if he was going to marry a second time. In recognition of Alexei Chadova, he likes the status of bachelor. Speaking about his possible passion, the artist did not go into details, only said that at the moment his heart is not free.

35-year-old actor Alexei Chadov prefers not to share with the public the details of his personal life, believing that happiness loves silence. It is known that the actor is the father of a lovely two year old Theodore, who was born in June 2014. The child was born in marriage of the artist with Agnia Ditkovskite. Despite the fact that celebrities have parted, they have kept a good relationship for the sake of an heir. Alexey takes an active part in the upbringing of his son.

Alexey Chadov: “my son stand face control”

In a recent interview Chadov admitted that his child grows very artistic. Actor doted adorable baby.

“He’s so interesting. Knows all brands of cars, versed in the phone, singing songs. Maybe will go then in my footsteps and become an actor. But for me most importantly, he became my friend, so we have established a trust relationship” – shared the star of the movie.

During the conversation with journalists Alexey Chadov has also shed light on its possible new hobby. In the Internet appeared photos in which movie star are imprinted with a mysterious. The actor has denied the information that these pictures reflect the real situation. According to Chadova, he does not share in Instagram with the details of his personal life. “You don’t look at that page… My girl behind the scenes,” said the man.

Reporters asked Alexei Chadova, busy or his heart. The actor did not go into details, only hinted that at the moment he is in a relationship. According to the artist, he is in no hurry again to become a family man.

“While I enjoy my status as a free man but without a woman I still can not exist. So I’ll tell you this: I live alone, but I’m busy,” said the actor.

We also add that this spring, the screens out the long-awaited picture of Vladimir Bortko called “love”. Alexei Chadov played a major role. In addition to the famous actor in the film also attended Anna chipovskaya, Dmitriy Pevtsov, Mariya Mironova and Aleksandr Lykov.

In a recent interview Chadov told that it mean feelings for the second half. According to the actor, is “a crazy passion, chemistry, desire closeness.” Family and children, says the artist, are “complicated by the great love,” quoted Chadova