Alexei Chadov has revealed the truth about the divorce with Agnia Ditkovskite

Алексей Чадов раскрыл всю правду о разводе с Агнией Дитковските
“It took me 2 years to learn how to manage emotions,” says the actor.

Алексей Чадов раскрыл всю правду о разводе с Агнией Дитковските

Agnia Ditkovskite

Agniya Ditkovskite and Alexei Chadov
merged to become the leading new reality show “the Allies” on STS, the shooting
which ended in Sri Lanka. 12 weeks on the ocean, 8 divorced
of pairs and 25 tests at extreme closeness: a new show for former spouses
you have to forget about past grievances, overcome differences and unite for the sake of
common goal. At stake — 10 million rubles, which will go to the main man
in their lives.

“Our project is a cautionary tale as
for me and for those who will come to watch, says Agnia Ditkovskite. —
First and foremost, because it reminds us about the main task of parents:
learn to agree together to relax and work. For example, we
long before reality TV became allies. And all for the sake of our son Theodore.”

Алексей Чадов раскрыл всю правду о разводе с Агнией Дитковските

The “allies” were the first reality show
in acting, therefore, ready to shoot, she asked for help to
coach. In recognition of Agnes, much effort has she invested in any project:
“It turned out to be on the sun much more difficult than in the cold. Yes, and genre
“reality” suggests that you are constantly in the frame along with the
participants.» On the island, the actress came with her son and nanny, and later for
the child looked after her ex-husband, actor Alexey Chadov, who arrived
to support the former wife and to tell the characters of the show about their experiences.

really, I understand very well the participants: we agniey have gone through all of this, —
says Alexei Chadov, who became co-host of the project. — We had a joint
the path length in 10 years, and during that time we had split up and converged, but in
some point realized that destroying each other. After my divorce, I
it took two years to get over all to reflect and learn to manage their emotions. But we are now in the status
allies, because can openly communicate, make friends, and most importantly — to move
further and to continue our common cause — the education of his son. I sincerely wish the heroes
project as soon as possible to pass this difficult but very important and necessary period to
finally come to the same understanding.”