Alexei Chadov has revealed a family secret

Алексей Чадов раскрыл семейную тайну The star of the films “Heat” and “Love in the city” admitted that at birth his parents gave him a completely different name. It was a little attracted to him, so in high school, the future actor decided to change the data in the passport.

      Alexei Chadov never revealed secrets about his name. A few colleagues and even more fans could know that celebrity 16 years of his life he called Sasha until he was Alexei. As he admitted, even at a time when he had another name, responded only to Alexei, because, apparently, he did not perceive himself differently and did not want to be addressed differently. For friends of the actor this confession could become a real discovery, because Chadov was not told about this earlier.

      The artist’s fans are accustomed to hearing about two brothers, Alex and Andrew. These names for many have even become conformable and unbreakable, so the statement Chadova is somewhat surprising. The greatest interest is the fact that in not a very Mature age Alex is already believed that other name he can not be. By law he had every right to call itself as it sees fit. That is why Alexander has remained a childhood memory.

      Aleksey Chadov is enjoying fatherhood

      “My parents called me Sasha, and with the same name on the documents I was listed as up to 16 years! But I just spoke to Alex, so that in choosing his name, I also took part”, – confessed the actor.

      The parents of the artist, obviously, was not against such a change in the life of their son, once he could fully rasporyazhaetsya how to call themselves. The persistence of the artist and adamantly against the name of Sasha has done his job and led to the fact that fans fans know and remember the star not only as Alexei.

      It should be noted that, remembering moments from childhood, in an interview with Hello Chadov did not hide the fact that for many years was engaged in dances, and he liked it. Many fans of celebrity it is probably surprising, because given the roles that accrue to the artist, it’s hard to imagine him in the ballroom while performing fouettés. For example, recently the actor presented his new film “the Hammer”, where he plays a fighter of mixed martial arts. Netizens who view the painting, celebrity expressed his gratitude for maximum impact and emotional work.