Alexei Chadov has hinted at the creation of a new family

Алексей Чадов намекнул на создание новой семьи The actor is planning the future. According to Chadova, his friends have managed to marry and have children. The star of the movie “the Hammer” does not deny that soon it will be the same. Despite previous bitter experience, the artist believes in a happy future.

Russian film star Alexey Chadov actively engaged in the work. Recently, the screens out the film “About love”, where a major role was played by the actor, and in the fall, viewers will see the painting “Fourth shift”. The man thinks outside the set to find love is not so simple, for it is always necessary to fight, as in the modern world, too many temptations.

Alex has a son Fedor, who was born in the marriage with Agnia Ditkovskite. Celebrity ended the relationship in July 2015, but maintain communication for the child. The heir spends a lot of time with each parent. Says Chadov, he hopes to meet the right one.

“I’m more interested now to create a family. I have around a lot of examples – at a friend’s six sons, a beautiful wife… this way I rotated the nose,” said Chadov.

Apparently, so far the actor has not found the chosen one, which would be willing to formalize the relationship. According to celebrity, he needed a biddable girl who does not actively assert the rights and claim to be the leader in the house.

“The family I’m a man. The man in the family should be listened to, then everything will be fine. A woman just need to correctly pretend like it’s set up,” – said Alexey.

Having learned from past bitter experience of the famous actor tries not to tell reporters about his personal life, because experiencing that in this case future plans are not implemented. According to the man, he has no desires that would be difficult to implement. “Actually I do not need mountains of gold. I would like first of all to build a real, cool family and become completely independent. That’s what I imagine and wish,” – said Chadov.

As for work, the star admits that someday he will try themselves in the role of Director, but he needs to gain experience. “I really wish I had an uncontrollable desire to say something, then the question “how to remove?” will not even arise,” said the man in conversation with Peopletalk.