Alexei Chadov got rid of the phobia

Алексей Чадов избавился от фобии
The actor overcame a fear of heights.

Alexei Chadov in the series of “Cool crew”

Photo: Andrew Fedechko

Alexei Chadov from childhood was afraid of heights, each flying in an airplane caused him health problems. “Going on tour, he suffered from headaches and sometimes even vomiting and shivering,” admits the actor. To win a long-standing phobia and its consequences failed when he received the role of a pilot in a Comedy series “Cool crew”.

“Long wanted to visit the cockpit of the passenger liner, take the helm, but had nothing to do with their fears, — said the actor. — An interesting role to miss was a shame! I went for advice to his uncle, an experienced pilot. He explained to me, we together flew to his old “maize” and imperceptibly, I stopped being afraid”. During the filming Chadov 12 hours a day sitting in a simulator-the simulator — and was terribly proud when he managed to bring the plane in Domodedovo.

Alex is not the only artist who had to deal with fear of heights. For example, last year the same phobia won ravshana Kurkova. She visited the Rosa Khutor resort and prefer measured rest extreme entertainment. So, the star took a ride on the “bungee” and
walked through the hanging wooden bridge “rose Peak” at an altitude of 2320 meters. Further —

Along with the instructor Kurkova took to the skies on a double
glider, thus defeating his life-long phobia. Ravshan talked
in an interview that she is deathly afraid of heights. Think about it now
it is possible to speak already in past tense.

“To defeat the fear of heights, you need every day to take
new, more complicated, probably so. That was incredible!” — shared
impressions of actress. Then she appealed to the subscribers on your page in
social network with a question, what exercises to do to strengthen
the vestibular apparatus. Fans advised her less nervous in
the air, jump on the trampoline and just swing. And the most attentive
meanwhile, noted the appearance on the arm of the actress an engagement ring. Questions about
difficult decoration Ravshan left unanswered.