Alexei Chadov admitted that he was ready for my son do crazy things

Алексей Чадов признался, что готов ради сына на безумные поступки
The actor also said that it is much safer to treat women.

Alexei Chadov

Photo: NTV

Alexey Chadov, talking about his role in the film Vladimir
Bortko “About love,” admitted that your son is ready for anything. So he answered
the question is, does he do crazy things for love, as happened with
his hero is a young Professor studying the culture of China.

“I have to love a very different approach than my hero —
shared — Are much more comfortable with women. Was, in any
case. Although I am no less emotional and passionate man than my hero, but
thus rational. Never going to force a man
travel with me through life, not go on some crazy things for
love. I can only for my family and son. Desperate to be able to
to defend his honor and, perhaps, to protect the Homeland. And for madness sake
love I’m an adult”.

Despite the fact that the actor broke up with his wife Agnia
Ditkovskite, Alexey pays their son Theodore, who in June will mark three years
all free time: travels with the boy to relax on vacation, holds together
weekends and holidays, takes to his home for a few days where walks and plays
with the child.

Agnes after a breakup not once told me what Alex
a wonderful father, and how for her it’s important. The actress has emphasized the need for the child to interact closely with both parents, even if they
parted. The result of this approach, Fyodor does not suffer from a lack of it
life no dad, no mom.