Alexei Batalov the day before his death he wrote his wife a letter

Алексей Баталов за день до смерти написал жене письмо

The brilliant Soviet actor, people’s artist of USSR Alexey Batalov, apparently, had a premonition of impending death, so I managed to write the last message. It is addressed to his beloved wife, Gitana, Leontenko with which they have lived together for more than half a century. Alexei Batalov began to write a poem for his wife, but, unfortunately, did not have time to finish it. There are only a few lines of dedication.

Eminent actor before his death, wrote the Gitana, Leontenko wonderful words of love and gratitude: “my Beloved, precious gift from God. You’re not family, but fortunately the road where every step with you.” These lines show the depth of love and awe with which the Director belonged to his beloved. Verse written on a piece of paper. Presumably, at the hospital, where the actor lay.
Alexei Batalov met with a circus artist, a dancer on the horse, Gypsy, Gitana Leontenko on the set. At that time, the actor was not free. In 16 years, as a student, he married the daughter of the artist Konstantin Rotov Irina and they had a child. Some time later, the actor often recognized that has not paid his wife and daughter the Hope of proper attention. Only after the Director parted with the first wife, he was able to explain the feelings of the Gitana. The young people were married ten years after their first meeting.
Married with Leontenko the famous artist’s daughter, Maria. When Rob found out that his wife is pregnant, she was in seventh heaven. However, due to a medical error at birth, the girl was disabled – she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Despite the shock, the couple found the strength to resist disease, and did everything that Mary received a wonderful education. Now the daughter Batalov writes screenplays and articles about theatre productions, and is the author of several books with fairy tales.
Along with Gitana, Leontenko unique Gogh lived for more than half a century.
Alexei Batalov died, June 15, the night on 89-m to year of life. A few months before that Alexey was in the hospital. In early 2017 he broke his hip. Said the actor no longer stand on his feet. However, Batalov helped the operation, the joint was restored. But the man began to suffer from heart problems and blood pressure, also, according to his brother Mikhail Ardov, he was sick of senile disease.
According to reports from close friends, Alexei Batalov asked to bury him near to mother Nina Olszewski, which rests on Preobrazhenskaya square. Farewell ceremony with the actor will be held June 19 at the House of cinema, inveterate Alexey Vladimirovich will be in the Church of the mother of God in Ordynka.