Александра Урсуляк сыграет главную роль в «Спартаке»
The winner of the show “dancing with the stars” will play in the Theater.Pushkin’s unusual premiere.

Александра Урсуляк сыграет главную роль в «Спартаке»

Alexandra Ursulyak

Photo: Galina Fesenko

The successor of the famous artistic dynasty of Alexander Ursulyak (her father is the film Director Sergei Ursulyak has directed the series “Liquidation”, and her half-sister Daria played Natalia in the series “the Quiet don”) will perform the main female role in the play Bertolt Brecht’s “Drums in the night”.

Alexandra Ursulyak in the play “Drums in the night”

Photo: Alexander Ivanishin

This statement prepares in the theater.Pushkin is one of the most radical contemporary film Directors Yury Butusov (premiere on 11 November).

To give the play
modern sounding, especially for productions of the theater.Pushkin ordered a new
translation. In addition to Alexandra Ursulyak are engaged in the performance Alexander
Matrosov, Vera Voronkova, Timofey Tribunal (Theatre “Satyricon”), and other actors.

By the way, Bertolt Brecht wrote this play when he was not twenty years! Initially, it was called “Spartacus”, but then Brecht changed the name. The first piece of the playwright, which he sent in the Munich theatre, was not accepted for production (itself a Mature Brecht in preparation for the publication of a collection of pieces too low to assess your first experiences in the drama). However, three years later, in 1922, “Babaran in the night” was staged successfully at the Munich theatre “Kammerspiele”.