Alexandra Bortech told about how he lost 20 pounds

Александра Бортич рассказала о том, как похудела на 20 килограммов
The actress admitted that she suffered from excess weight in adolescence.

Alexandra Bortech


Alexander Bortech is rightly called one of the most promising young Actresses. Behind 22-year-old Belarusian beauty part in more than ten film and TV projects. And very soon, in theaters, the premiere of the painting “Viking”, where Alexander played a major role: the Princess of Polotsk Rogneda Rogvoloda.

Scenario Bortech had appears in several sex scenes with his co-star — Danila Kozlovsky. It should be noted that now the figure of the actress with ease allows her to give consent to appearance of the frame half-naked. However, as it turned out, chiseled body Alexandra — the result of much work on yourself.

Having been away from Ivan Urgant show “Smak”, Bortech admitted that in his youth suffered from the problem of excess weight. At the age of 14 her weight was 75 kilograms. Alexander recovered, by his own admission, because he loved to eat and did so in adolescence without a twinge of conscience. As a result of overeating, she seriously got better and at some point she had to start rationing the food. “Now I try to put less food in your mouth…” — said the actress. Modest portions of food pretty quickly gave a figure of Alexandra flawless look: now her weight is around 55 pounds.