Александра Бортич: «Если бы не огромный штраф, я бы не похудела!»
The actress admitted what she had to gain 20 pounds in a month and a half, and then reset them during the same period.

Александра Бортич: «Если бы не огромный штраф, я бы не похудела!»

Alexandra Bortech

Photo: Alexander Camber

Sasha Bortech in the film “I lose weight”

Photo: courtesy of the press service

This feat young actress Alexandra Bortech has become a sensation in the world of Russian cinema. For the role in the film “I lose weight” she gained 20 lbs!

“It was fun only the first week, she said. — To gain as much need to eat constantly. In the morning, a big Breakfast, went for a walk for half an hour everything calmed down and again have to eat. It’s really hard, sometimes it seemed to me that if I just catch a whiff of the food, and I was immediately sick to the stomach”.

The result is extreme “paelstine” Sasha can already be seen in the movie. Most interesting is that the “filmmakers” didn’t go the path of least resistance. It would be possible first to remove “bad block” about the miraculous transformation of the bbw Queen, then feeding the film to remove scenes where she “has” thick.

“I would never have done this — honestly, Bortech Ivan in “Evening Urgant”. — I’ve weighed about this much when I was a kid. My mom learned about this role, joked with me that I won’t be able to lose weight and remain fat. It would have happened if I didn’t have such a penalty in the contract! I’d never lost weight. I had six weeks to “reset” overweight”.

By the way, after those shots was more than six months, but the process of losing weight Sasha Bortech’s not over. She continues to lose weight, watch their diet and exercise.