Alexandra Balakireva harshly criticized the participants of the show “the Voice”

Александра Балакирева жестко раскритиковала участников шоу «Голос» The finalist of “factory of stars” disappointed with the new season of the popular project. Alexander Balakirev was unhappy with the fact that the program involved fairly well-known personality. She came to the conclusion that the producers of transmission do this in order to raise the rating.

      Alexander Balakirev became known for its participation in the popular project of the First channel “Factory of stars”. The girl made her first steps in show business under the direction of Alla Pugacheva, who was the mentor of the fifth season of the acclaimed music program.

      Balakirev now closely monitoring what is happening on the Russian stage. Alexander is not deprived of attention and popular TV project “the Voice.” The actress was extremely unhappy with the new season transfer. It is suggested that participants are selected not for the uniqueness of the voice, and to perhaps to raise the rating of the program.

      “I looked today the project “the Voice”. Everything is fine, only the name of the project wrong. “Scream”, “Whisper”, a better “Rating”. It would be fair,” wrote Balakirev in his microblog.

      We can assume that Alexander was unhappy with the fact that the project involves the participation of quite famous people who are already won over the fans. That is why it has caused a wave of outrage similar to the strategy of the producers of the show. As it turned out, Alexandra was not alone in his belief. The fans supported the artist and felt that she was absolutely right.

      “Here, too, the principle that can be Packed into two sentences: no matter who you are and how good do their job. Important whose you are”, “Children’s “Voice” was good! There are just brilliant kids. But what happens to them when they grow up… a Grown-up “Voice” to even begin do not want to watch, Yes, prison is too much for one gear,” commented subscribers Balakirev.

      Despite the fact that Alexander now has a negative attitude to the fact that listening to the judges got media personalities, the girl also decided last year to take part in a music contest. Balakirev wanted to be back in contestant, and therefore were looking for a good show. The “star factory” participant Alexander Balakirev: “I specifically went underground”

      “I wanted to go to the projects of the First channel, but somehow it did not work — told Sasha “StarHit”. – Then decided on a “Main stage”, but it turned out that the casting ended. As a result, in September called back, said that there is a gathering of participants. There Diana and I selected”.