Alexander Zadoinov will force new girl to abandon the luxurious life

Александр Задойнов заставит новую девушку отказаться от роскошной жизни The contestants are preparing to leave the project. Alexander Zadoinov and his fiancee Marina Cherkasova leaving from the Seychelles. At the moment the couple decides where they will live. The man insists that the beloved moved in with him.

      A few days Alexander Zadoinov and his girlfriend Marina Cherkasova, better known as Mexico, leaving the Seychelles, where the project “House-2. The island of love”. The reality show participant was able to see the way the bold and flamboyant girl your one and only. According to men, the appearance is quite deceptive. Between Alexander and Mexico to create a spark. However, in the context of the project it was very difficult to maintain warmth and peace, so in between times there is a quarrel. Every time each of the couples was very ashamed in front of lover after such incidents, so they apologized to each other in social networks.

      “I liked a girl, she stood out, boldly, brazenly, boldly acted firmly held in society. Game in her eyes-words and actions have alarmed me. No faith, and how to take it, you know it is a little bit of her, but the emotions, even of nerves, I got “bitten”. Boil I said to her, and affection moved to the vicinity. Not tasted the sweetness of our souls, rift has come between us. Both have their own truth, and everyone wants the truth! I’m ashamed-hate for what I caused you tears of sorrow and pain, brought doubt in our Union,” these words, Alexander has devoted the Marina.

      Fans are happy that Zadoinov finally found his happiness. The participants of the reality show share with subscribers happy moments of life on the Islands. However, very soon they will have to return to Russia. In a new video that appeared on the page of Mexico, they ask advice from the fans, as they can not agree where they will live together: Sasha in Yaroslavl or Marina in Moscow. The man insists that brunette moved in with him.

      “We think where do we go after the project. We can’t solve and decide. Maybe you will tell us where we jerk after the project”, – said fans of Mexico.

      Video published Mexico (@mexika_2x) Oct 20 2016 at 1:31 PDT

      The opinion of fans was divided. Some offered the pair to move to the main market “House-2”, others advised to remain in Moscow, and still others felt that they should live by Alexander in Yaroslavl. Detractors noted that the new girl Zadoinov risks repeating the fate of his ex-wife Elina Kamiren because men like him never do.

      Despite the fact that Marina’s participation in the project became a kind of school of survival among the many beautiful girls, she is very sorry that this time is coming to an end. “The idea that it will be over soon driven into depressuha they, as much as hard it is, no matter how many nervous breakdowns, I didn’t – this is the most magical and memorable two months of my life,” admitted Mexico.