Александр Задойнов станет новым «Холостяком» For the attention of the ex-participant of “House-2” will compete for 12 girls. Thus, the reality star decided to return to a television career. The man is still single and wants to find a soul mate. The opportunity presented to him this fall.

      Александр Задойнов станет новым «Холостяком»

      On the project “Dom-2” change is coming. A film set in the Seychelles, operating the past two years, ceases to exist in the form in which it is used to observe the audience. Instead, the island in the Indian ocean, in the framework of telestroke “Dom-2”, launched shows like “the Bachelor” TV channel “TNT”. The Seychelles will be sent 12 girls and two young men. Women will strongly fight for guys ‘ attention. But who are these lucky people?

      “StarHit” it became known that one of the “bachelors” – former participant of “House-2” Alexander Zagainov, in December last year left the project together with the civil wife Elina and Kamiren year-old daughter Sasha. Outside the perimeter the pair rented an apartment, but a home at the ex-“domova” did not work – after a couple of months after leaving the project, Alexander and Elina broke up. Elina Kamiren for the first time about breaking up with someone, “He just left”

      Now Zadoinov decided to resume television career. To again become a participant of “House-2”, Alexander returned from his native Yaroslavl, where he moved after breaking up with Elina. Former lover Zadoinov, by the way, were cheered by the news that her ex will again become a participant in the project.

      “I approve of his decision, – says Elina. – I first think about our daughter. The Sasha project will once again begin to pay wages, and this means that he will be able part of the money to send it to us with the baby and his eight-year-old daughter Nastia, her mother, and I, to date, no financial support from Sasha, alas, does not see. And raising a kid alone is not easy… So let him go to the project – though when the case will be, and the last six months God knows what”.

      Elina said that after their separation and Zagajnovym repeatedly advised him to return to telestroke. “Just fly the same Seychelles Sasha had not the opportunity before, – confessed Kamiren. – He had been blacklisted because of unpaid debts to banks is the sum of his loans amounted to more than a million rubles. While we lived together, put out the money joint efforts, so now for Sasha to leave the country – no problem.”

      According to rumors, the company Alexander will be the participant “House-2” Ivan Barzakov. The first broadcast of a new show the audience will see already the 8th of September.

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