Alexander Zadoinov strives to be the best role model

Александр Задойнов стремится быть образцовым папой Ex-member of “House-2” enjoys playing with her daughter in the sandbox. After leaving Kamiren Elina and Alexander Zadoinov were just friends and parents.

      Александр Задойнов стремится быть образцовым папой

      Fans of one of the brightest pairs of the project “Dom-2” Elina and Alexander, Kamiren Zadoinov still can’t believe that they are no longer together. Since then, Elina and Sasha in December last year left the TV construction site in their lives there were many changes, including and not the most joyful. They broke up, deciding to just be friends, and maintain relationships for the sake of her little daughter Sasha.

      Elina kamiren the first time about breaking up with someone: “He just left”

      Zadoinov settled in his native Yaroslavl, Kamiren with my daughter rents an apartment in the center of Moscow. The other day Alexander came to the capital to visit the baby and her mother. Elina kamiren the visit and failed husband, apparently, was very pleased. On her page on Instagram a lot of pictures together with Zagajnovym and daughter taken during a walk in Moscow. Looking at these pictures, we can conclude that Alexander Zadoinov aims to be a good daddy. He spent a lot of time with Sasha, inspired her sculpted cakes in the sandbox and otherwise entertained the baby. All three pictured look quite happy, and it may seem that walking enjoys exemplary in all senses of the family.

      Followers of Elina Kamiren seeing videos and photos on her microblog, almost tearfully persuaded the couple to reunite. “Elina, you look good together. Yes same like each other. It would be great if you two got together. Good luck and happiness to you!”, “Elina, please be kind and gentle with Sasha, never leave your daughter without a dad. Little that he comes. Need him to live with you!” – please kamiren of her female fans.

      The star of the project “Dom-2” prefers to leave these needs unaddressed. It seems that Elina kamiren for the mind is made up. The role of the Pope Sunday for her daughter Elina was quite happy.

      “As man and woman we don’t exist – only as friends and parents of a common child, said the former participant “Houses-2” in a recent interview with “StarHit”. – It’s a shame that before Sasha was excitement, he wanted to win, did it and lost interest. I have the opposite: to hear about it didn’t want, and learned that expecting a child just went crazy with happiness, crying, realized that madly in love. Back in December we wanted to get married, but even then it was only for the sake of the daughter.”

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