Alexander Zadoinov failed to appear in court on the case of alimony payments

Александр Задойнов не явился в суд по делу об алиментах Ex-member of “House-2” is obliged monthly to allocate funds for the education of her daughter. According to Elina Kamiren, which forced one to raise a child and to pay all necessary, she personally informed the girl’s father the satisfaction of her claim.

      Александр Задойнов не явился в суд по делу об алиментах

      In September, Elina Kamiren announced its intention to sue the father of her daughter, who was not considered necessary to provide for the baby. Eks-the participant “Houses-2” then warned Alexander Zadoinov that if nothing changes, she will have to request the required funds to the education of the child in the lawsuit. Apparently, during this time, the man did not try to rectify the situation, and the case went to trial. Not so long ago in Tyumen held a meeting in civil cases for alimony, but the Respondent did not appear. Ultimately, all requirements Elina Kamiren to the former lover were satisfied without his presence.

      In the near future the court’s decision will enter into force, and Alexander Zadoinov will be obliged monthly to allocate funds for the education of the child. At the disposal of “StarHit” was a paper according to which the young father will have to give one fourth of their income.

      Earlier, Elina Kamiren explained in detail why he decided on such drastic measures, considering them for a long time with Zagajnovym managed to maintain friendly relations.

      “My patience came to an end, – admitted “StarHit” Elina. – I don’t get Sasha a penny. Had endured it, because he knew that he had nowhere to take the money.”

      The fact is that the reality star is compelled to pay rent, buy things for the little Sasha, food, childcare and private kindergarten, where not so long ago began to walk the baby. In short, on the shoulders of a young mother lay all your worries to pull that one but it did not.

      Alexander himself Zadoinov repeatedly stated that trying to help the former civil wife and daughter, but he has no permanent source of earnings, and therefore to count on a stable payment on his part Kamiren not worth it. Not so long ago the man returned from the Seychelles, where the shooting took place the first season of “House-2. The island of love” and, accordingly, no longer receive the salary required to all the participants of the reality show.