Alexander Zadoinov did not renew the contract with the “House-2”

Александру Задойнову не продлили контракт с «Домом-2» The organizers do not want to see the ex-project participant in a Clearing. The man returned to his native Yaroslavl, where, apparently, will be engaged in search of work. As it became known “StarHit”, Alexander Zadoinov was sure to be back at the famous telestroke, but the reality show doesn’t consider it interesting for the audience persona.

      The participant of the first season of the show “Dom-2. The island of love” Alexander Zagainov and his lover Marina Mexico returned to Moscow after 2.5 months of living in the Seychelles. However, the age of the pair was short – lived- she went to the Clearing “the House-2”, and Zadoinov in Yaroslavl.

      “Sasha also wanted to return to the project as a participant, but he refused, said the “StarHit” one of the residents of telestroke. – The organizers explained to him that he is not interesting to the audience – the ratings from this, and the person he must say, already a broken. And the Directors of the project it is necessary to man’s discussed, so he “catches” people liked or irritated. Sasha, alas, does not cause neither one nor the other emotions.”

      “StarHit” found that Alexander and his girlfriend had hoped to shoot for a magazine cover of the TV show, which, apparently, is planned for December, but the leadership reality show had other plans.

      “He was not even invited to play with Mexico – she’s on the cover is the one without it! Zadoinov, of course, is upset, because he planned to be with Marina, and to earn some money – for anybody not a secret that participants “House-2″ is the salary – and not a little. But, as he was not persuaded the management of the project, it was relentless. Sasha could do nothing but to go to Yaroslavl, telling everybody that he decided to leave show and not simply kicked out”.

      Misfortune pursued Zadoinov and personal life – as it became known “StarHit”, now Marina Mexico does not have a relationship with him, diving into the media life. Ex-girlfriend Elina Kamiren man’s not a fan – girl unhappy that Sasha is not interested in the lives of his daughter and refuses to pay child support. With the work of Alexander remains not going well – in December of last year after leaving the Clearing, Zadoinov never found a place outside the perimeter. It including was the cause of the disorder is paired Zadoinov and Kamiren – offered ex-husband to make financial contributions to their Alexandra life, but did not wait. The rent, the nanny and the purchase of products Elina had to pay for itself.

      “Of course I’m upset that Sasha has returned to Yaroslavl, – has told Elina “StarHit”. – If he was on the project, it would be the official salary, which he could pay child support for her daughter…”