Александр Васильев: «Почему Бондарчук выбрал Паулину Андрееву»
Expert “7D” follows the clues vivid Union of a young actress and expert Director.

Александр Васильев: «Почему Бондарчук выбрал Паулину Андрееву»

Alexander Vasilyev

Photo: Yury Feklistov

This spring, Fedor and Svetlana Bondarchuk announced the divorce. And recently at “Kinotavr” Director came out with a new darling — actress Paulina Andreev. Our expert Alexander Vasilyev could not stay aside and not to discuss this pair.

“Changes in the personal life of a novel is not a joke stirred the society begins the story of the fashion historian. — With Svetlana they lived for 25 years, was the most striking and elegant pair of secular Moscow. I remember once on the way to Paris I saw the plane incredible woman — well-groomed, luxurious. Beautiful shoes, expensive bag, fashion clothes, jewelry. I could not stop looking. And only on arrival realized it was Svetlana Bondarchuk, which I did not recognize. In my opinion, she’s a very attractive woman. But you see, neither her beauty, nor style, nor elegance, nor the mind (it is still the chief editor of a glossy magazine) didn’t help to avoid divorce. Perhaps in married couples after a certain time there comes apathy towards each other, addictive. I want something new… They break up has caused an incredible outcry. Fedor all these years was the dream of many ladies, the sex symbol of our country, a real “womanizer”.

It pronounced a male, and he has a high level of testosterone, it shows. Rich, successful, shoots films, owns the restaurants. Plus, the charisma, the talent, the origin — he’s the son of wonderful parents. Always on view at the hearing. In the combination of two impossible ingredients. He is bald, like a gangster, and at the same time absolutely aristocratic. It is this mixture of “bad-good guy” tickles nerves women… of Course, everyone wanted to know who his new fiancee. And he chose Paulina Andreeva — one of the most beautiful young Actresses, which is important in its 49 years. He is just going through a midlife crisis, for every man at this time, the praise of a young woman so desirable: Oh, you Oh-Ho-Ho what a stunning, you still can give odds to all, I’m crazy about you. Theodore and Pauline was the center of attention. I’ve read comments on the Internet: and that Theodore strange taste, and look-Paulina ridiculous — he’s her shoulder, and foot size it 41. I in such cases, I sincerely want to know who these critics are, how they look? I think the fact that Paulin and Theodore began to come together in the light, shows the seriousness of their intentions. Look how tightly he is holding her hand. Sure, it gives him pleasure: aesthetic, emotional, physical and maybe spiritual sense. She was with him on the same wavelength.

Pauline won this prize

“Please note: Paulina often chooses a restrained color scheme. I didn’t see her bright outfits: red, green, orange, yellow. And Fedor does not like brightness in clothes. So they found each other and in style. Harmony!”

Александр Васильев: «Почему Бондарчук выбрал Паулину Андрееву»

Fyodor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva

Photo: Artyom Geodakyan/TASS

Александр Васильев: «Почему Бондарчук выбрал Паулину Андрееву»

A collection of the troupe of the Moscow art theatre them. Chekhov. September 2015


In muted colors

“Please note how confident Paulina. She has a very sexy outdoor toilet with a large incision, but it doesn’t look vulgar. Rather glamorous. With such a figure, hands and feet, even the most daring dress will look elegant. In its present magical charm. And she’s standing here as a winner, like a woman who knows what you have accomplished. Won a prize. This prize is Fedor Bondarchuk.

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  • Александр Васильев: «Почему Бондарчук выбрал Паулину Андрееву»
    Alexander Vasilyev

  • Александр Васильев: «Почему Бондарчук выбрал Паулину Андрееву»
    Fyodor Bondarchuk

  • Александр Васильев: «Почему Бондарчук выбрал Паулину Андрееву»
    Paulina Andreeva


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