Alexander Vasilyev: “Jasmine is all very complicated”

Александр Васильев: «Жасмин все очень усложняет»
Expert harsh sentence handed down to the singer’s style.

Александр Васильев: «Жасмин все очень усложняет»

Alexander Vasilyev

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Singer Jasmine recently became often to go out and dress hypermode. That dress with the unusual decor, the crown on the head, the hat with veil. But is it good? Think about what her images of our resident expert fashion historian Alexander Vasilyev?

“What show business has three rivals: Alsou, Jasmine and Zara. All three brunettes, Babes, young, slender, all great makeup artists. And absolutely all the ladies. But if you compare the outfits Bella and Jasmine, I will tell you my opinion: Alsou, a wardrobe which I dismantled recently, taste better. It is more concise, skillfully cuts away any unnecessary items and accessories. It is impossible to imagine such a hat with a veil. Or with a crown on his head. However, as Zerah. Jasmine really follow the fashion trends, it is clear that she tries, spending a lot of money. But Alsu wins. Due to the simplicity. Jasmine is trying somehow to complicate things. A lot of money and not enough taste. I want to give her some advice. Pay attention to the images of rival, Lil Wayne. To think about that too sophisticated styles do not give the desired result. Stop focusing attention on the waist with belts. Wear darker dresses that she go.

Александр Васильев: «Жасмин все очень усложняет»

Festival “Heat”. Baku, 2017


To unload the closet to eliminate some things, to avoid any associations with the fashionista that has great features, but can not decide with style. I feel shame because I’m nice to Jasmine. And her images are an obvious example of overkill. Not so sinister, as Natasha is the Queen of Lolita Milavskaya. The situation save good figure and pretty face. Sure, with such external data Jasmine might look a lot better.”

Kills tenderness

“Yellow is in trend, but I don’t think bright lemon shade is perfect for brunettes Jasmine. He kills her tenderness. Dress that color, I would recommend the blonde. For Example, Victoria Lopyreva. I noticed that our heroine has an incredible thirst for belts. In this case it would be possible to do without the silver belt. And the clutch is too big and heavy”.

Dangerous veil

“A beautiful dress of blue Panne. And awkward headdress resembling a cap. Even with the veil! Generally, fascinators ladies began to wear in the XIX century, the first masking wrinkles. At the same time it was not plastic surgery! But in the short veils were only on the street.”

Александр Васильев: «Жасмин все очень усложняет»

The contest “New wave”. Sochi, 2017

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Александр Васильев: «Жасмин все очень усложняет»

The ceremony of awarding the prize “Breakthrough of the year”. 2017


To Borrow Alsu?

“I want to see that Jasmine is extremely postroila. She seemed more corpulent. Now the extra weight is gone. So the singer can wear outfits of white. This dress with asymmetrical decor she could borrow Alsu. If it was long, to the floor.”

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  • Александр Васильев: «Жасмин все очень усложняет»


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    Александр Васильев: «Жасмин все очень усложняет»



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  • Александр Васильев: «Жасмин все очень усложняет»
    Alexander Vasilyev

  • Александр Васильев: «Жасмин все очень усложняет»

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Александр Васильев: «Жасмин все очень усложняет»

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Александр Васильев: «Жасмин все очень усложняет»

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