Alexander Vasiliev: “Error Yana Churikova — too tight”

Александр Васильев: «Ошибка Яны Чуриковой — слишком узкие платья»
Our resident expert — on the findings in the wardrobe of a famous TV presenter.

Александр Васильев: «Ошибка Яны Чуриковой — слишком узкие платья»

Alexander Vasiliev

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Today our resident expert got to the wardrobe of a famous TV presenter Yana Churikova. What advice would you give fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev at this time?

“Deconstructing the closet Yana, I want to remind everyone that TV is a whole different outfits than the theatre, cinema and even more an everyday reality,” says Alexander. — Because the studios where filming of the program, usually bright and colorful. And on the screen we need to create no less colorful images of participants. Reveal one secret: the TV takes small, fractional pattern on the fabric cells, the goose paws, small pea or Christmas trees. This creates a distracting ripples on the screen and pulls the audience’s attention. So everyone who works in television, you know that it is necessary to dress in rather bright-colored things that look good with a colored monolith. Of course, and the personal closet Churikova one way or another affected by the laws of television.

Meeting with Jana and “Fashionable sentence”, and at other events, I noticed that she loves how feminine dresses and clothes a La Garcon. That is her standing style is intertwined with the outfits in the spirit of flamenco dancers. And I like it. I think Churikova we must continue to work in these two directions, on the contrast images. This is the original! For example, for casual and business meetings you can give preference to clothes in the spirit of Garson, and for evening activities to choose luxurious dresses in the Spanish style.

Александр Васильев: «Ошибка Яны Чуриковой — слишком узкие платья»

Yana Churikova

But the closet has to be developed. Maybe more likely to choose outfits not black, but dark blue or Bordeaux. I suppose that my advice is to work in two directions readers will be surprised. How is this possible? Of course! A woman can use a lot of styles, it all depends on the time of day, status of the event, the selected role. After all, ladies today a lot of different roles: business woman, wife, mother, member of a social event, temptress. Each role — their way. So I don’t see what clothes she achieves more success. And to answer this question can only be herself”.

A good investment

“Very glamorous. I noticed that black lace dress love with so many of our stars. They always look status in these outfits that, by the way, will never go out of fashion. As my colleague Evelina khromtchenko, similar dress — the best investment. Because it can be worn for decades.”

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  • Александр Васильев: «Ошибка Яны Чуриковой — слишком узкие платья»
    Alexander Vasiliev

  • Александр Васильев: «Ошибка Яны Чуриковой — слишком узкие платья»
    Yana Churikova


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Александр Васильев: «Ошибка Яны Чуриковой — слишком узкие платья»

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