Alexander Tsekalo’s talking about growing children

Александр Цекало заговорил о взрослении детей The producer does not want their children’s career in show business. According to Tsekalo, it is very difficult. Himself, Alexander had to pass many tests before he started to make good money in this field. At the moment he and his wife raise two heirs.

      Александр Цекало заговорил о взрослении детей

      Producer Alexander Tsekalo began their journey into the world of show business with the profession of actor. Tsekalo total experience in this field dates back several decades. Now he is a sought — after Director, producer and entrepreneur. However Tsekalo went through a lot before he became famous and successful. Their children the star of such unwilling.

      According to Alexander, career of the artist — not just difficult, but also extremely heavy. His younger heirs, a seven year old Alexander and three-year-old Michael needs to choose his own path, and a famous dad is not going to impose anything to them.

      Alexander cekalo: your wife and children from the horse’s mouth

      “I have children not pushing for a music career. It is not easy, and I do not wish for their children, knowing how difficult it is. I plan to make sure that they made the right choice, and there we will help them”, — told reporters Tsekalo.

      Alexander Tsekalo, by his own admission, generally tries not to impose on the children their opinions and treat them as adults from birth. He never raised his voice to his heirs and not put them in the corner, as respects Michael and Alexander. The eldest child of a producer is already showing the propensity to dance. But her star dad does not make far-reaching predictions about the future of girls.

      “My child wanted to study classical dance. She goes to school Elza Liepa. How much she wants to do, so many will go there. She also goes to swimming and chess. English is still engaged. Until enough. And children are so tired in school — I have a daughter in first grade is now studying,” said Tsekalo broadcast TV “You would not believe” the NTV channel.

      For the sake of his children are in no way needed their dad works a lot. He admits he sleeps a few hours a day, as the rest of the time is his work. According to Tsekalo, it’s harmless and even useful. He finds real pleasure in their work.

      Alexander Tsekalo is the father of many children. His eldest daughter Eva from Lolita Milavskaya lives with his mom. The girl was born with special needs. According to some, she has autism. As for the other children Tsekalo, Alexandra and Michael, a married producer with Victoria Galushka — sister of singer Vera Brezhneva. They married in 2008, wedding producer and his lover held non-public.

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