Александр Цекало рассказал о талантах беременной жены The producer is proud of his wife. According to the showman, Vic – a great hostess with excellent taste. It is because she in their suburban home atmosphere of coziness. Within a few years the whole family Tsekalo welcomed the New year in the suburbs.

      For eight years, Alexander Tsekalo happily married with Victoria Galushka. They are raising eight-year-old daughter to Alexander and four year old son Michael. At the moment the wife of the producer waits for the third child. Alexander Tsekalo will become a father again

      Unlike their colleagues who seek to make money in the New year considerable sums of money speaking at corporate events, Tsekalo plans to spend the holiday with family. According to him, they love to get together with friends in the area around their cottage in a specially equipped pavilion. Alexander claims that Victoria is a real mistress who knows how to create comfort.

      “At home we are fine, largely thanks to his wife. Vick is responsible for the whole situation, and I act as a project sponsor. I fully trust the wife’s choice and I am sure her taste not just OK, but much better than me,” admitted the producer.

      Children Victoria and Alexander from an early age learn to share with other toys or candy. Every two or three months they are sent a box of surprises in the children’s homes. According to Tsekalo, at the moment son and daughter play the role of Christmas wizards for orphans, because they are afraid that Santa Claus won’t have time to bring the kids gifts.

      Alexander believes that in 2016 he has achieved some success. Series “C”, which was produced by his company, acquired a foreign channel. The Americans want to remove my version of this pattern and have already bought the rights. In the family of Alexander and Victoria things are going well. “She live in a house with two kids, and we have every day something new happens – life is like a great and fun volcano,” admitted Tsekalo in an interview with “Hello!”.

      According to friends of the family, Victoria and Alexander have been planning the birth of another child. Now the dumpling is on the fifth month of pregnancy. Apparently, two kids couples eagerly await the birth of a brother or sister. “Eldest daughter a pair of Sasha’s in school, and the youngest son Misha is only 4 years old, but he already feels, and reads. The kids have been asked of the parents has a brother or sister. And suddenly their dream will come true,” said “StarHit” surrounded by a star couple.