Alexander Tsekalo in the fourth time will be the father

Александр Цекало в четвертый раз станет отцом
The wife of producer is the fourth month of pregnancy.

Alexander Tsekalo

Photo: Yury Feklistov

The family of the famous producer and showman Alexander
Tsekalo is coming replenishment: his 31-year-old wife Victoria Galushka (sister of Faith
Brezhneva) is pregnant again! For couples this child will be the third: they are already raising
8-year-old Sasha and 4-year-old son Misha. Alexander also has a 17-year-old
daughter of eve from the marriage with Lolita. As it became known from the closest
environment Tsekalo, his charming wife is in fourth month
pregnancy — the baby will be born in the spring.

The producer has a reputation as a secretive man: never
talks about personal life and not comment on the events associated with his family.
For example, the wedding with Victoria Galushko and the birth of children to the wider public
it became known from a third party, and then — months later. Alexander himself always
he said that his private life concerns only him and his family.

But, for example, last year at the premiere of the musical
“Singin’ in the rain” came Tsekalo with his wife and daughter. Little
Alexandra, who first posed for photographers, did not hesitate
increased attention to it from the public. The girl is much more occupied
performance on stage.

“During the performance I watched of her and
saw that she really likes.— told Tsekalo. — Despite the fact that the presentation was about
three hours, she quietly sat through the whole thing. The only thing she was sorry about
that we were not in the first row. After all, the audience in the front rows got a lot of emotions when
the scene went real rain, and the spray fell directly on them. In General, this family musical is interesting
to see not only children but also adults”.