Александр Цекало рассказал, как пережил страшную трагедию «Норд-Оста» The producer gave an extensive interview to the journalist Yuri Dude. Alexander Tsekalo has told about their projects, which started to show in the West, and shared plans for the future. In addition, the broadcaster remembered the sad events of October 2002 when he helped search for the bodies of the dead hostages.
Александр Цекало рассказал, как пережил страшную трагедию «Норд-Оста»

Alexander Tsekalo became the hero of the author’s show “wdud” on YouTube. In the past the showman and now a successful producer told a journalist Yuri Dude on his company’s “Environment” and their projects. In early April, the screens out the picture “Gogol. Wii”, which had a hand Tsekalo. As it turned out, Alexander’s dream that children saw one of his films.

Александр Цекало рассказал, как пережил страшную трагедию «Норд-Оста»“You know that in Russia you need to live long to do many things? – with these words Tsekalo turned to the Dude. – That’s why I want to live long. All these plastic and iron items – our award was received for the series, which we do. Many consider them successful or extraordinary. And my children do not know. Now I don’t give them opportunities to be proud of their father. I need to live very long, so they grew up and saw the “Method”. Because my son is five and a half, and daughter, nine and a half”.

Tsekalo became the first Russian partner of the world’s largest online cinema Netflix. The foreign company acquired from the producer the rights to show the series “C”, “Method”, “Locust”, “Fartsa”, “Territory” and “Sparta”. In the future, Alexander plans to involve in projects recognizable foreign artists. “For example, we negotiated with the agent woody Harrelson. For him, it was announced 150 thousand dollars per episode. Roughly 20 thousand dollars per shift. It hurts, but tolerable”, he said.

Александр Цекало рассказал, как пережил страшную трагедию «Норд-Оста»

The conversation went about the tragedy that occurred on 23 October 2002. Then the terrorists took over the musical “Nord-OST”, which worked Tsekalo. According to official figures, killed 130 of hostages (according to the information of the public organization “Nord-OST” – 174 people). Emergency producer said Konstantin Ernst.

“He called and said, “the show captured”. And Ernst didn’t know that I no longer worked with the “Nord-OST” (Tsekalo was the Executive producer of the musical for one and a half years – Ed.). The fact that I’d left, did not mean that I am indifferent. Ernst asked where I was, and said that there is a film crew of the First channel”, – says Alexander.

Without thinking, Tsekalo went to the scene, which by that time surrounded and organized staff. “I spent there two nights and the third were expelled. I understand that this is no accident,” – said the producer. When some time later, Alexander returned to the House of culture on Melnikov street, the storm has ended. The host helped to carry the people. In the future, but seeing a group of people went to the morgues and hospitals to help find missing people.

Александр Цекало рассказал, как пережил страшную трагедию «Норд-Оста»“All the pity, of course. Remember Arseny Kurilenko and Xenia Kurbatov… They were kids. They say that they had a childhood relationship,” shared the producer.
Александр Цекало рассказал, как пережил страшную трагедию «Норд-Оста»

Tsekalo has admitted that the incident left a strong imprint. Friend Alexandra Elena Russian coach advised him to spit in soul to vent negative energy. Despite the fact that it took more than 10 years, the producer gets all emotional when he remembers about the tragedy. Alexander did not hide the fact that he tried to drown out the problems with alcohol, but it’s not really helped him.

“The week it took to find people. I think the hospital gave the dead in the morgue. Everything was very afraid to be involved in something wrong in this post-traumatic period. Even had a case when I got a call from some hospital and said, “so-and-So, so-and-so from your company”. I said, “And with whom am I speaking?” On the other end told him the address of the hospital. Went there and the man was already dead. All was confusion… – says the producer. – I used the former publicity to help find people… I drank, but it didn’t work. Generally never. (…) I had the actors to return. Lena Russian helped me with anger and coughing, it is, by the way, there. Still. This is due to the fact that talking about it, then it will go away. Lena has volunteered to work with the artists for rehabilitation”.

According to Alexander, he was contacted by people from Deripaska’s company and offered financial assistance in the amount of 10 thousand dollars. Tsekalo told where those funds were spent. “Remember how I ran “alphabets” in lighting the room, and our lighting designer was confused with a terrorist. He is dark-haired, bearded. Kick butt his teeth were knocked out. I decided to help him to recover,” – said the producer.