Александр Носик расстался с Анастасией Крайновой As it became known to journalists, the popular actor broke up with the ex-member of the group “Tutsi”. About it the correspondent said the representative of Alexander Nosik. Earlier, the man filed for divorce with his wife Olga, whom he married in 2011.
Александр Носик расстался с Анастасией Крайновой

It became known yesterday that 45-year-old actor Alexander Nosik divorces his wife Olga after six years of marriage. The former lovers filed in one of registry offices of Moscow. The news of the final separation of the spouses has provoked discussion of a new passion of the artist. This spring, he was caught along with the former soloist of group “Tutsi” Anastasia kranovoj in one of capital restaurants.

However, how did you learn to journalists, the man no longer is in a relationship with the graduate of “factory of stars”. About it the correspondent was reported in the surroundings of the Spout.

“Alexander and Olga filed for divorce. And no scandals, tears and snot, as is customary. As said in a famous movie: “Without noise and a dust”. Many people mistakenly believe that Sasha was cheating on Olga with Anastasia kranovoj, but it’s not true. They Nastya started Dating a month after Alexander broke up with his wife. By the way, kranovoj they subsequently broke up, too”, – explained the representative of the actor.

Marriage couple the Nozzle will be terminated on 19 August in the presence of at least one of the spouses. Earlier in interview to the program “Let them talk” the wife of the artist Olga explained that he and Alexander could not decide to sever relations. The woman also noted that her ex-lover has the right to happiness in his personal life.

“I guess it lasted a few years. At some point we realized that we should break up… It wasn’t that Sasha was gone and I was left to suffer. Yes, I was mad at Sasha, we were constantly on the move, on the phone. Then I realized that we should not be angry, but to understand what is happening,” explained the woman.

After parting with Olga, Alexander found solace in the arms of ex-soloist of “Tutsi”. The actor and his other half, Anastasiya Kraynova lived guest marriage. Every time the actor came to the singer, she tried to please him with tasty dishes. Nose admitted that he is delighted with how the singer knows how to cook borscht.

In turn, the KRA said that he tries as possible to spend more time with her lover. Anastasia and Alexander often visited together various institutions. But the actor and singer periodically had to leave, so as the Nose a lot of touring. Probably, both lady men couldn’t deal with his constant traveling.

Now, after the actor decided to break up with the graduate of “factory of stars”, his heart is free. “He’s officially single” – said the representative of Alexander Nosik Dni.ru.