Alexander Sokolovsky saved a girl on holiday in Thailand

Александр Соколовский спас девушку на отдыхе в Таиланде The actor helped a friend who fell down the hill. Alexander Sokolovsky pulled themselves together and did everything necessary to ease the pain of the familiar. According to star of the TV series “Junior” and “Copernicus”, in such situations, he had to visit often.

      The role of the resident Artem Pavlov in the TV series “Sklifosovsky” on TV channel “Russia-1” first aid to the friend who fell off a water slide and broke his ribs.

      “It’s important to keep a cool head and act – says “StarHit” Alexander. – Of course, I only have basic skills, and I think it is right not to intervene without proper education”.

      But there was no choice. Having descended from the hill, the girl unsuccessfully flew into the water and hit the bottom. The actor, who was a few meters from the pool and immediately dived into it to gently pull her on to land, where brought to life. “She said that she was short of breath,” – says Sokolov. After checking, no other damage, put and has provided the victim at rest until help arrives.

      Fans of Alexander Sokolowski knows how much mean to him traveling the world. The artist can not imagine life without extreme trips, in which he learns a lot and gains experience. Sokolowski had to get into a difficult situation on the rest, but he and his entourage managed to find a way out.

      “We often go with the guys in the expedition, so my memory was a lot of all, – admits the actor. – When preparing for the filming in “Sklif”, watched movies about doctors, studying medical literature, so I now no scare!”

      By the way, during such visits, the actor writes a variety of extreme videos that can’t publish in the blog, as he’s being followed by parents. Alexander is afraid that seeing as it is a vacation son, the parents would be mortified.